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Swagger Inn Thread 109. The Back to School & Back to Wenching Thread

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SparklesRedHotChileLeather Mon 31-Aug-15 04:27:52

It's a new term so early to bed for the little darlings & back to the Muskeperving for us wenches. New pupils always welcome if you are taking Musketeers A-Level. You 4 new boys in leather can come & sit at the front where I can keep an eye on you <peers over glasses> And no guns in class. Now FOCUS you lot.

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Mon 31-Aug-15 05:07:54

Very good. You all pass the uniform inspection.

SparklesRedHotChileLeather Mon 31-Aug-15 05:09:45

Single file in the corridors please. I can see after-school detentions happening. Hmmmmm.

WickedWenchOfTheNorth Mon 31-Aug-15 07:33:20


Badders123 Mon 31-Aug-15 08:23:35


AnneEtAramis Mon 31-Aug-15 09:57:15

Hahaha. Get your wench on.

LaComtess Mon 31-Aug-15 10:07:21

<carves 'Comtess 4 Athos 4ever' on desk with compass>

<hitches up skirt another inch>

<sits at back with naughty ones>

Lovely having you back Sparkle

MiladyBeaWinter Mon 31-Aug-15 10:08:27

<suddenly discovers never before had enthusiasm to be a teacher>

FancyFancy Mon 31-Aug-15 10:35:54

<saunters in wearing teeny tiny netball skirt>

Lovely new thread sparks thanks. It just needs one thing

<-- here

<disappears round the back of the bike sheds with Aramis>

MadamedeChevreuse Mon 31-Aug-15 10:36:00

Oh Aramis! You must show more respect for school property! I'm afraid that is a term's worth of detentions. With me. In my office. With the door locked. And I'm afraid some light whipping may also be required. <assumes position over desk>

MadamedeChevreuse Mon 31-Aug-15 10:42:44


For later viewing and discussion once the back to school riff dies down.

This is all his bits from Taming of the Shrew:

And this is all his bits from Dexter:

There may be even more out there too. I don't know why but my YouTube recommendations suddenly started giving me all this stuff with Santi in that I'd never seen before!

I must go do interview task now. Goodbye and see you in 10 think of me kindly etc.

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Mon 31-Aug-15 11:20:45

Well someone forgot the uniform code.. It's okay wenches, I'll deal with this... grin

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Mon 31-Aug-15 11:22:03

Ooh look someone else did too...grin

SisterHelenoftheEternalCatchUp Mon 31-Aug-15 11:39:24

I'll do the biology practical (and not - I don't mean dissecting the rats, but I can do that too...) And if I have forgotten my PE kit, will I have to just wear my underwear instead? wink

MrsEvadneCake Mon 31-Aug-15 11:47:56

<dons spectacles and slouchy jumper>

<sits with the geeks>

JacobFryesTopHatLackey Mon 31-Aug-15 13:14:46

<sits next to MrsM>

LiviaDrusillaAugusta Mon 31-Aug-15 14:36:24

<posts tongue porn to give all wenches TRH>

MrsEvadneCake Mon 31-Aug-15 14:38:25

<shares graphic novel with mouse>

I killed the last thread. I never thought to check. I'm sorry if anyone is cross.

MrsEvadneCake Mon 31-Aug-15 14:39:07

<Thinks liv will end up in detention for non approved PC pics>

FancyFancy Mon 31-Aug-15 14:41:08

I see what you did there anne (on the last thread) grin

Doubts are natural, you'd be a fool to not have them from time to time - it shows you've thought about pros & cons & risks etc. Just remember the reasons why you made the decisions you have, they're good ones!

Glad your DS is feeling better today mintyEva

FancyFancy Mon 31-Aug-15 14:42:28

No, killing off old threads is positively encouraged, it only pissing off other people when they're trying to do it too and you beat them to it grin

MrsEvadneCake Mon 31-Aug-15 14:43:52

Thanks fancy on DS and thread reassurance smile

FancyFancy Mon 31-Aug-15 14:52:25

There have been some amusing thread killings in the past where someone posts at the last minute to bugger up someone's plans!

Badders123 Mon 31-Aug-15 14:53:04

Am snuggling down with some Netflix
Oh good would that be?
Very nice pics ladies....

MrsEvadneCake Mon 31-Aug-15 14:57:32

It would be splendid. Love that scowl picture.

I'm going to scowl at little DSs bedroom. I promised I'd do it this weekend so I'm going to do a bit and see how I get on.

Keep the chaise warm and I'll be back to cwtch in later.

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