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Working as a carer visiting people in their homes

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amdx Sun 30-Aug-15 23:22:47

I have never worked in care, but am considering a career change and feel drawn to this, despite hearing bad reports about it in the media. I feel I would prefer to help people in their own homes, as opposed to working in a care home. But if it really is true that you are not given nearly enough time to be of help to each person you visit, I would struggle. Would be very interested to hear from anyone who has experience in this field.

overthemill Sun 30-Aug-15 23:25:48

It depends who you work for. See if a charity called 'crossroads care' is near you. They are very very good ( we have their carers coming to help us)

Vixxfacee Sun 30-Aug-15 23:36:19

It takes a special kind of person to be a (good) carer.
It really depends on the company you're working for.

If the visits are 30 mins each you will find yourself being paid perhaps £3.50 for going to someonesay house and undertaking some very hard work.

Do you drive?
Do you get paid travel time or mileage?
What training do they offer?
Is it a zero hours contract?

There are carers where I work who work 7 days a week from 6 am up to 9 or 10 sometimes and only get paid 12-1300 for the month as they aren't paid travel time.

Madratlady Sun 30-Aug-15 23:48:02

Some companies don't pay for travel time, only time physically with clients so you might end up working much more than you get paid for if you include travel time, and might have an unpaid gap between calls. Some companies don't factor in travel time at all. That's from carers I've worked with who've also done home care. But I also know people who've worked for good companies and enjoyed it.

michtaylor Sat 24-Oct-15 16:27:36

Perhaps a job as a PA would suit you? Ive just employed one for my mil. She works 22 hours pet week over 5 days doing 3 visits per day. We pay her £8 pet hour 90% of which is funded by direct payments. It works out much cheaper than a care home. See if your local council have a gateway to care department. They will point you in the right direction.

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