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Young Posh and Loaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Mima Mon 29-Apr-02 21:38:43

Is anyone watching this piece of rubbish!!! My hubbie is away on business so no-one to discuss this with. What are these people like??

bluebear Mon 29-Apr-02 21:59:14

Yup, just escaped from it to the computer - what a lot of tripe!

Tinker Mon 29-Apr-02 22:00:31

I've just escaped on here to get away from it! How ugly is Donatella?

Rozzy Mon 29-Apr-02 22:02:37

Message withdrawn

Demented Mon 29-Apr-02 22:34:22

Just seen it too, glad to hear that Prince one with the stretch limo who took four girls home slept alone that night (serves him right). Even worse was his female friend who spent her evening going round the bar finding females he might like. Money or no money you wouldn't catch me boosting up someone like that's ego!

As for Donatella she needs to spend some of Daddy's money at the gym! £1007 on designer t-shirts and a big belly hanging out the bottom of every one! I might not be very cultured but the t-shirts looked for like they came out of Top Shop or somewhere!

And as for the guy who had a polo club or something, does all he do is drink all day?

Nevermind the website where you get to kick the 'it-boy' looked fun, did anyone catch the address?

Anyway, sorry just had to get that off my chest!

Tillysmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 08:37:45

God could not believe Donatella ! She definitely needs ankle, in fact leg surgery !

How can she understand the value of money ? I think it's terrible that however much money daddy has she's allowed to spend that on a few t shirts !

Enid Tue 30-Apr-02 09:30:41

I felt sorry for all of them, donatella is never going to make it as a pop star, rich polo boy and hideous blond socialite will be alcoholics and drug addicts in 5 years time, asian prince is clearly very stupid. Compulsive viewing though.

Crunchie Tue 30-Apr-02 11:05:03

I have to say I have never seen an 18 year old with such a huge moustache!! and this is Donatella, it's not surgery she needs, but electrolysis!!

sis Tue 30-Apr-02 11:06:12

I thought it would be compulive viewing when I caught a bit of it last night but even an addict of crap tv had to switch off after less than five minutes. It was unbearable - I did not feel sorry for them just for anyone whose lives they touched!

Enid Tue 30-Apr-02 11:11:18

Dd's entry to the local prep school nursery was cancelled in panic this morning.

charliesmummy Tue 30-Apr-02 14:25:50

Enid - now that is funny LOL!. AWFUL, Donatella she has a military mooostache. Dreadful polo boys, prats - I mean - you or should I say ONE would'nt, would you, they need to learn to drink properly, they missed most of it.

Repulsive not compulsive viewing.

pupuce Tue 30-Apr-02 16:16:10

Come on girls.... I do think you are a bit bxxxy about Donatella - the guys were definitely AS bad ... and she is only 18 (and contrary to the boys doesn't look like she is getting completely wasted and sleeping around day in day out) !!! Not that I found her remotely attractive or endearing... she is very naive but at least she has some ambition and activities - however unrealistic it is... compared to the 3 boys... can you remind me what they do all day ??? Why don't you trash THEM? I know some of you have.

I remember having read on this VERY website that it was soooo sad that women can never be supportive of each other and always criticse others.... food for thought !

Batters Tue 30-Apr-02 16:51:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Enid Tue 30-Apr-02 17:44:43

Agree with pupuce, donatella was definitely the best of a hideous bunch...

Binker Tue 30-Apr-02 18:15:16

Every time Prince Alexander said ' ladies' we laughed hysterically - what a t*****

bluebear Tue 30-Apr-02 19:25:27

I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who watches 'rubbish telly'.

tiktok Tue 30-Apr-02 20:10:10

We loved the programme - it was great to see that there is no point in envying people who have shedloads of cash as they clearly have dreadful children (not that the parents on view seemd to realise it). Poor Donatella - guilty of naivety, and too young to know any better. I didn't spot her 'tash, poor lamb. Wasn't her mother *silly*???

The only one who was 'normal' was the lad who had been to Eton courtesy of his great-grandma's cash, and who seemed to live in a more ordinary type family...then he got involved with drugs, went to gaol and found God; had no inflated idea of his own importance and was no longer rich.

I just fell about at the silly Irish 'It' boy who forgot to file his hour a week gettting his copy over which I would imagine is then re-written, and he forgets....

They were laugably all so awful.....teehee.

honeybunny Wed 01-May-02 13:49:53

What have I missed? Sounds like essential viewing. Must be that I have a new baby and can't remember what tv is. Sad eh? Bed by 9pm at the moment. Is it on again?

cutiepie Thu 10-Jul-03 23:53:29

Oh my god girlies there is a second series of young posh and loaded and Donatella is back!

Crunchie Fri 11-Jul-03 23:15:10

When is it on?? I haven't noticed it??

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