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Noisy neighbours

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pissedoff3 Sun 16-Aug-15 02:51:01

I didn't know where to post this nor do I expect anyone to reply at this time in the morning but I have to rant! I heard some music earlier on at about 10pm and realised that the house about 5 doors down was having a party. It was loud but as it was only 10 I got on with my evening. Later at about 12 I was settling down for bed and could still hear the music SO loudly from my room, I could (and still can) hear every word of the song playing. It got to 1:30 and I decided enough was enough, the music had not been turned down at all despite law saying it has to by 11 so I put on my flip flops and went round. There was a man in the front garden (presumably the dad acting as a bouncer) so I politely asked him if the music could be turned down as it was 1:30am and even though I'm 5 doors down I can hear it very loudly. He shrugged and was obviously drunk as hell so I left it and went home. It's now ten to 3 and the music is still loud as ever (I'm pretty sure they've put the speakers in the garden) and there's no sign of it stopping soon. I have no idea what to do.

Redglitter Sun 16-Aug-15 02:52:22

Phone the police and report it.

Superworm Sun 16-Aug-15 02:54:36

Are they often having parties and making loads of noise?

BitOutOfPractice Sun 16-Aug-15 02:54:54

Yes, phone the police.

pissedoff3 Sun 16-Aug-15 02:55:00

I was thinking about that but I don't know whether they'd bother coming or if it would just be ignored

pissedoff3 Sun 16-Aug-15 02:56:02

They've had parties before but they've never been noisy enough for me to actually be angry

BitOutOfPractice Sun 16-Aug-15 02:56:26

What have you got to lose giving it a go then?

And why does it matter if they do it often? They're doing it now

Redglitter Sun 16-Aug-15 02:56:46

No they'll come out ��

FortyCoats Sun 16-Aug-15 03:14:09

Call the police

Superworm Sun 16-Aug-15 03:40:30

Our neighbours have the odd late, loud party and while I'm never thrilled about it, I wouldn't call the police.

pissedoff3 Sun 16-Aug-15 04:07:44

We decided not to call the police but finally after it reached 4am and the music was still going strong, my son & his girlfriend (who are around the same age as the host of the party) went round and kindly told them to 'turn the f*cking music down', and they did!!! Cannot believe they think that this is an acceptable time for a party to go on til on a residential street but hopefully they won't have another one for a while!

pissedoff3 Sun 16-Aug-15 04:11:57

Also superworm I get that late, loud parties are just something you have to put up with sometimes but my limit is 1-2am. 4am is just ridiculous

Redglitter Sun 16-Aug-15 04:52:55

You did well putting up with it as long as that

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