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School uniform rant

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Rainbow Thu 13-Aug-15 10:54:52

I have 3 children still in school. One in primary and two in secondary. I bought DS4's uniform in Asda. 6 polo shirts, 3 sweatshirts and 3 pairs of trousers. It came to £22.50. DS2 and DS3's uniform from a specific site. I ordered 1 blazer and 2 pairs of trousers each and it came to £141.50 and that's without shirts. The trousers and blazer are an exact match, like a suit, so you can't go elsewhere. They insist you buy a jumper too in year 7 but neither wore it again after their first day so I haven't bought them again. They used to sell the uniforms at school but aves ice changed so that you need to by through a different supplier consequently the prices have gone up. DS2 iSorry pretty active and clumsy so by the end of the year his clothes are wrecked so can't pass them on. School uniform is compulsory in secondary school and, when DS2 fell and put a hole in his trousers, I sent him in in a pair of F and F trousers that were very close match, he was sent home. He had to go in in ripped trousers for a week while I waited for the new ones to arrive. We are in Ilford and the school shop is in Bethnal Green. I work during term time so can't pop down and get him a pair! I understand that they want pupils to look smart but when they decide on the unform can they not think about por parents who cannot afford such prices! How can they justify the price in the first place? Because their is no competition, prices are high too. Makes me so mad.angry

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