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Might end up homeless

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BeautifulChaos Tue 04-Aug-15 00:45:29

Hi everyone. Don't really now where to begin. Feeling so stressed and worried. My hubby is leaving the military in September. We have been trying to get a private rented property but feels like we are just hitting a brick wall. We have a little girl and also 2 cats and a small dog. So it needs to obviously accept children and pets. But it seems everywhere either doesn't want pets or children or its out of our price range. That's before we have even mentioned the rent bond scheme. I have been offered a job to start on the 1st of September but unless we manage to find somewhere to live and get our daughter into a school I will have to turn the job down. The council have said if we don't find somewhere by September we have made ourselves intentionally homeless. I haven't been able to have a full nights sleep in about two weeks because as soon as I close my eyes I am imagining all sorts of scenarios in my head. We don't have any family or friends we can stay with long term either. I guess what I'm asking is if any of you have been in a similar situation, what happened? Did it all work out in the end?? Thanks for taking the time to read.

GarminGirl Tue 04-Aug-15 00:47:16

can SSAFA/welfare not help?

BeautifulChaos Tue 04-Aug-15 01:06:31

Welfare told us to rehome the pets. Ssafa told us to get in contact with RBL for help with rent bond scheme which we are really greatful for. But unfortunately as soon as we mention the rent bond scheme to letting agents they don't seem to want to know.

ilovemydoggy Tue 04-Aug-15 01:23:03

I would've thought welfare would've helped. Have you tried RAO or FSA they might know some in the local areas. Get your DH to speak to civilian cookhouse staff or londis/costcutter they may know of somewhere.

BeautifulChaos Tue 04-Aug-15 10:39:10

I think its because there isnt really much they can do other than advise. But like I said to my husband getting rid of the pets isn't an option. We have had them for 8 years. There part of the family too. They have travelled to every posting we have been of them being an 18 hour drive. I'm not letting them down at the last hurdle. I will get him to ask around.thank you smile

specialsubject Thu 06-Aug-15 10:49:15

you are putting animals ahead of your family, I'm afraid. Animals can cause massive damage to properties so decent landlords will want a much bigger deposit. IF the property is suitable, of course.

I know you won't like what I've just said, and nor will many others, but that's what it boils down to.

if you can show that you've thought of the damage the pets can do, and have workrounds, some landlords may be able to accept them. For instance; the dog will bark and chew if left alone, so what do you do to avoid it being left alone? The cats are a bit easier as they don't bark, but they can cause a lot of destruction so that's where the bigger deposit comes in.

pinktrufflechoc Thu 06-Aug-15 10:51:51

I'm with you OP; I wouldn't get rid of the animals either. They don't come before my family, they are my family.

Besides, the children AND the pets are the problem and you can't rehome the children can you? smile

You poor thing flowers and how useless are the council?

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