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Failing a degree

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helenah735 Wed 29-Jul-15 14:31:38

My son has to resubmit modules for his final year just to get a pass. How do I let him know that I support him whatever he does. Even though I can't help feeling let down and so upset about his apparent lack of interest or refusal to try and get his resubmissions done?

lionheart Wed 29-Jul-15 15:49:18

Has he been able to talk about why he feels this way?

DayLillie Wed 29-Jul-15 15:57:08

My son did this at the end of the second year. I talked with him and thought it was probably better to make a positive decision to walk away than to resit what was an impossible number of modules.

However, his counsellor persuaded him to do the resits, he thought he had worked out how to do it, failed to communicate properly with any tutors and was out on his ear.

You have to detach and talk through options and what he needs. Then provide practical support. Not easy.

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