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louee Sat 08-May-04 10:46:04

For anyone who saw my thread the other day about oh no!!!! help!!!! cat re-homing? well i'ts sorted my Dh has decided to build a new door in the garage/workshop and then the 2 younger cats can use it as a play/sleephouse better than re-homing them,it's so many problems rolled into one when moving house and cats are fighting ,however the new house is huge with a huge garden so they can wander as much as they like .
However one question does anyone own cats and live on a very busy main road? how do your cats cope with the road? any tips?????
thanks for all of you who helped me and hugs to all

NommeDePlume Sat 08-May-04 10:49:57

I used to live on an incredibly busy road and had a cat. I found that my cat adapted well and just used to stay on our side of the road, IYSWIM.

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gingernut Sat 08-May-04 10:58:17

It probably depends on the cat and the road. Some cats will just avoid a busy road. Others are more adventurous. If the road is busy but speeds are low I think a cat is less likely to make an error of judegment. Unfortunately, our adventurous moggie was killed on our road but it was at night when people hare down here often at speeds well over the 50 mph limit . I hope your cats are OK though. Hopefully with a nice garden to explore they won't be inclined to go near the road. Sorry I can't offer any tips, we tried very hard to discourage him from going out the front (we have a lovely big garden and lots of open ground behind that, and hardly any cats in the area so it wasn't as if other cats were crowding him out) but we couldn't stop him.

noddy5 Sat 08-May-04 11:05:30

I had 2 cats and now have only 1 due to a v busy road.We were heartbroken and are now moving to a house in a quiet street and hope to get more pets.It really depends on the cat.The one we still have was never really adventurous whereas the one who was killed just wouldn't keep out of mischief

suedonim Sat 08-May-04 13:39:15

I don't think you can really train a cat not to go near roads, unfortunately. You just have to hope for the best and make your home/garden as enticing for them as possible. Our cat got hit by a car when she was a kitten and, awful as that was, I've never seen her near the road since, it gave her such a fright.

Still on cats - any ideas on how to stop a 14yo cat from pooing indoors?? She does it right next to the litter tray, it's so bl%dy annoying!!

louee Sat 08-May-04 16:43:08

Thanks everyone ,I'm hoping that the cats keep well away !!!!as for the pooing suedonim , have u used pet behave spray available from pet shops? It is great just to spray a little round the edge of the litter tray,also do you have the litter tray with the hood on as these tend to work a little better!!! hope this helps.

suedonim Sat 08-May-04 18:58:28

No, I haven't tried the spray - is there a brand name for it, Louee? I had thought about a hooded tray but it's such a confined space I don't think it would fit. I think the problem comes down to the fact that the cat was litter trained at the breeders on a vinyl floor. We've just had a new vinyl floor put down and the feel of it seems to trigger her bowels!

suedonim Sat 08-May-04 18:59:14

Oh, I guess Pet Behave is the name of the spray, d'oh!!

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