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I wet my knickers in M&S on purpose.

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IPdaily Tue 21-Nov-06 12:17:00

Ok, so I've changed my name to protect my identity and from the life long ribbing I'd get on here.

I went Xmas shopping with my mother and we stopped at M&S for a bite to eat, I need to wee more but am also hungry -we had to queue for ages but finally when we sat down all was good.

I go to use the loo as by now I am desperate. There is a man outside the loo with a cleaning cart and he stops me from going in "I'm cleaning them" he says. After 10 minutes of waiting there, staring at him staring at the door I say "You're not actually cleaning them are you?"

He says "Yes I have to wait 20 minutes to make sure everyone is out"

"Well, I'll go in there have a look for you , spend a penny at the same time and we'll all be happy"

"No, I'm cleaning" he says

By this point I am barely able to walk and scream in an awful Nicki (from BB) fashion
"I'm bloody 7 months pregnant and need to wee for gods sake"

"But I'm cleaning" he says still outside staring at the door, now with his arm in the way of entry.

Right then.

And I wet myself in front of all the other ladies who were tutting at having to wait.

Cue one of the ladies in the queue getting an assistant who then got the manager who took me to the staff toilets/asked my size brought me some knickers and trousers and apologised profusely.

I am terribly stubborn sometimes.

FrannyandZooey Fri 01-Dec-06 18:29:47

I dont think it is hung up to be alarmed about an able bodied adult deliberately weeing themselves in public

I really don't

Zog Fri 01-Dec-06 18:29:15

Good grief, grow up. If he was not the sharpest knife in the drawer and only trying to do his job, you should be ashamed of yourself.

lockets Fri 01-Dec-06 18:28:56

Message withdrawn

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Fri 01-Dec-06 18:25:34

I pissed in dh's bed once when we were students, just because he bet me I wouldn't. We were very stoned He doesn't tend to make bets like that with me any more

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Fri 01-Dec-06 18:24:33

lol Enid, I knew you must have at least one hangup

yulemoonfiend Fri 01-Dec-06 18:24:25

I just could not physically wet myself on purpose...(I am very well pottytrained, see?)

EniDeepMidwinter Fri 01-Dec-06 18:22:40

this is such bollocks

I believe it all happened up to the weeing part

I bet the poster really just got cross and left thinking 'I should have wet myself'

if it is true then I think you need psychiatric help because I think that is seriously disgusting

SantaGotStuckUpTheGreensleeve Fri 01-Dec-06 18:21:12

Oh, respect. <kowtows>

and from dh - "firm congratulations are in order, I'm impressed"

EniDeepMidwinter Fri 01-Dec-06 18:21:07


how utterly weird

mousiemousie Fri 01-Dec-06 18:16:57

I salute you

KimiTheChristmasCracker Fri 01-Dec-06 18:12:47

hats off to you

yulemoonfiend Fri 01-Dec-06 17:34:13

UCM - is this you???????

sharkjump Fri 24-Nov-06 22:59:38

Well, it's not a terribly dignified thing to have done, but it's only urine, not radioactive waste...surely most of us have mopped up the odd wee in our time!

On the other hand, I doubt anyone WANTS to be a toilet attendant when they grow up. So presumably your average bog-swabber isn't the sharpest tool in the box; which might explain this bloke's dogged insistence on the '20 minute rule'.

edam Fri 24-Nov-06 22:59:05

Respect. I had something similar once - busting for the loo and jobsworth insisting they were shut for cleaning. Station late at night so nowhere else to go. Kept running in between loos and train indicator boards hoping she'd ruddy finished cleaning them. Eventually she buggered off and a male cleaner let me in. Don't think I could have held on any longer!

mustrunmore Fri 24-Nov-06 22:42:17

Piss take or not, I came very close to this in Tescos when I was 8months pg with ds1, and all the loos were shut for cleaning at the same time. Ladies, gents, disabled, even the nappy room, so I couldn't have even weed in the sink if I could've got up there. I screamed, ranted ,cried, dh asked nicely then got stroppy, and they just said the staff toilets were too far away to let me use, which is why most staff used the customer loos anyway.In the end, I half ran half hobbled to the soft play place round the back, and ran in past tihe till saying my child was in there but I couldn't stop as I was desperate for a wee

Sheraz Fri 24-Nov-06 22:27:39

Scuse the pun but this is a piss take.

shimmy21 Fri 24-Nov-06 20:30:37

why not just go in the men's?
or the disabled loo? Surely they weren't all being cleaned

Trinityrhino Fri 24-Nov-06 20:24:12

tbh, I don't think this was the best way to stand your ground and get one up with the jobsworth. I would have definitely needed to get right up that little twats nose and make him feel wrong but I would have done it differently

but hey if that made you feel better then ...go girl

Sheraz Fri 24-Nov-06 20:24:08

This is an urban myth surely to GOD

crunchie Fri 24-Nov-06 20:22:31

This is pretty gross tbh. she also said that her mum thought the loos are clean when she used them 5 mins before. if she were that desparate why didn't she go and let her mum queue for food??

I can see her point about jobsworth, but have some dignity woman.

pelvicfloorSNOWmore Fri 24-Nov-06 20:12:28

Bloody jobsworth

foxinsocks Fri 24-Nov-06 20:11:52

thank goodness you didn't need a poo

smittenkitten Fri 24-Nov-06 20:06:43

good on you! that's the sort of thing i fantasise about doing! you rock and are officially my new hero (unless you are woman who lets rats run around your house peeing, in which case I judge you and think you are a dirty cow)

unknownrebelbang Tue 21-Nov-06 23:56:57

IF this is true.........wouldn't it have been easier to go to the loo BEFORE you had your lunch?

santaslittleprettymum Tue 21-Nov-06 23:51:15

you're good!!! proud that you stood your ground!!

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