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I wet my knickers in M&S on purpose.

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IPdaily Tue 21-Nov-06 12:17:00

Ok, so I've changed my name to protect my identity and from the life long ribbing I'd get on here.

I went Xmas shopping with my mother and we stopped at M&S for a bite to eat, I need to wee more but am also hungry -we had to queue for ages but finally when we sat down all was good.

I go to use the loo as by now I am desperate. There is a man outside the loo with a cleaning cart and he stops me from going in "I'm cleaning them" he says. After 10 minutes of waiting there, staring at him staring at the door I say "You're not actually cleaning them are you?"

He says "Yes I have to wait 20 minutes to make sure everyone is out"

"Well, I'll go in there have a look for you , spend a penny at the same time and we'll all be happy"

"No, I'm cleaning" he says

By this point I am barely able to walk and scream in an awful Nicki (from BB) fashion
"I'm bloody 7 months pregnant and need to wee for gods sake"

"But I'm cleaning" he says still outside staring at the door, now with his arm in the way of entry.

Right then.

And I wet myself in front of all the other ladies who were tutting at having to wait.

Cue one of the ladies in the queue getting an assistant who then got the manager who took me to the staff toilets/asked my size brought me some knickers and trousers and apologised profusely.

I am terribly stubborn sometimes.

Charleesunnysunsun Tue 21-Nov-06 12:18:02

Very drastic!

At least you got some free knickers!

danceswithmonkeys Tue 21-Nov-06 12:18:24

I'm both horrified and d*mn proud at the same time!!

pesme Tue 21-Nov-06 12:18:30

pmsl - you are fantastic! no one should come between a pregnant ladies bladder and a loo.

pesme Tue 21-Nov-06 12:19:07

oops lady's

venusinfurs Tue 21-Nov-06 12:19:25

Wow!!! You are one determined lady!

IPdaily Tue 21-Nov-06 12:19:32

Oh and by the way my mother had used the loo about 5 mintes before I had and she'd said that they were spotless.

CantWaitForTheSnow Tue 21-Nov-06 12:19:52

Much respect! I would have thought it but never dared to.

tortoiseshell Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:02

OMG! Very brave - but seems to have been the right move! Don't you just hate 'jobsworths'.

Twiglett Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:09

am sharing the horrified and strangely proud feeling as posted below

Bozza Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:16

I am but also impressed.

Can't help asking - what did your mother have to say about this?

lulumama Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:27


DizzyBint Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:44

rofl brilliant!

which m&s may i ask? i work for them you see.

colditz Tue 21-Nov-06 12:20:54

Worship worship.

yeahbutnobut Tue 21-Nov-06 12:21:15

If you're for real I hope they sacked that jobsworth bastard!

Actually I'm surprised the queue of ladeez didn't lynch him

franke Tue 21-Nov-06 12:21:22

O M G! Pleeease tell me about the look on that asshole's face when you did this and the public bollocking he had to endure.

Respect, lady.

Carmenere Tue 21-Nov-06 12:21:32

Well done

LoveMyGirls Tue 21-Nov-06 12:23:04

did u complain about the jobs worth? i wud have wanted him sacked for making me wet myself!

nailpolish Tue 21-Nov-06 12:24:10

you just stood there and let it run all over the floor?

sorry but i think thats a bit horrible

im sure there must have been other toilets nearby

or use the gents

nailpolish Tue 21-Nov-06 12:25:07

i thought this was a post joke from a 2 yr old

yeahbutnobut Tue 21-Nov-06 12:25:12

do M&S do maternity wear now then?

DizzyBint Tue 21-Nov-06 12:25:45

at the m&s i work in we had to ban a lady from the store cos she kept weeing on the floor. every single saturday she'd come to watch our fashion show thing and she'd stand at the end of the catwalk and just wee.

DizzyBint Tue 21-Nov-06 12:26:10

yes they do maternity wear.

Gillian76 Tue 21-Nov-06 12:26:13

COuldn't have done it myself. And I'm afraid I would have been horrified at someone doing it near me.

Think I would have tried to find a manager.

LadyTophamHatt Tue 21-Nov-06 12:26:34

I'm shocked and in awe all at the same time.

as a fellow 7 months PG lady I feel your pain at the thought of having to wait

(Are you on the due in jan thread BTW?? )

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