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Broken rubber strip under car bumper

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lilyb84 Sun 19-Jul-15 22:00:58

I bought my first ever car a couple of weeks ago (having passed my test in April) and am stressing about everything at the mo - driving in general, cleaning, maintenance... so sorry if this comes across as needlessly hysterical!

I park on a strip of grass which is slightly lower than the concrete driveway and when I reversed into the space yesterday, heard a bit of a scraping noise as if the bottom of the car hit the curb.

I then noticed that the rubber strip which runs along the bottom of the front of the car, under the bumper, was hanging off on one side. I've tried to clip it back in place but it won't stay.

Has anyone experienced this? And how likely is it I may also have damaged the underside of the car in some way?

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