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re:I am a terrible mother - can I confess

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cazzybabs Thu 06-May-04 22:48:49

Can I confess my sins today? Me and dd had a lovely time in the park and then decided to go home. While I was undoing her strap on my bike seat she climbed up onto a little bench and then fell off (only about half a metre) onto concrete. OMG - I have never seen so much blood in my life. I am a primary school teacher and can cope with other childrens blood but my own child's. DD was screaming, I was nearly in tears. Luckly we had ran into someone from dd's nursery at the park (if he reads mumsnet - thank god you where there). Luckly all she had done (All ) was bang her nose, but it looked terrible. And I just keep thinking of all the other things she could have done falling on the concrete. Then after my friend had calmed me down and wiped dd's nose I had to cycle home with all the cars looking at me like did I know my daughter was covered in blood. And her, crying and then every so often showing her good nature by saying "moo cows look" and "yellow car" etc. Anyway for the rest of the evening I couldn't look at her because her face was still a bit bloody, her nose swollen and still leaking tiny bits of blood diluted with snot.

Please forgive me - or are you calling social servcies as we speak???

nerdgirl Thu 06-May-04 22:58:32

I think we've all been there and done that Babs! OK, maybe not with park benchs and bike straps - maybe it was escalators and shopping bags or scissors and the phone or countless other dangers and distractions that take our attention for a fraction of a second.

So reassure yourself that you are not alone and worry that it is not the last time you felt that sickening feeling in your stomach!

I remember the only time I ever crashed my car (a tiny tip really but it undermined all my confidence) my wonderful father said to me "Well, now you are a real driver. You've survived your first accident". In a similar vein Cazzybabs - "Now you're a real mother!"

juniper68 Thu 06-May-04 23:02:52

no ur not alone babs. I once forgot to strap DS1 in his buggy and set off and he bounced down my step he was fine though.

I bet she's fine, DS2 bust his nose the other day and it bled like crazy then stopped in no time. That was sort of my fault too but we're born to be guilty aren't we?

misdee Thu 06-May-04 23:04:33

i left my razor by the side of the bath once. dd2 then cut her lip on it. bad bad me.

cazzybabs Thu 06-May-04 23:07:30

OK I shouldn't smile but its nice to know I am not alone. And that I have your forgiveness

And yes Nerdgirl I have passed prehaps the 1st test into real motherhood - prehaps a trip to a&e sometime (not soon) to cermant the progression up the motherhood ranks.

HiddenSpirit Fri 07-May-04 00:42:51

misdee, done that one before too. Only DS1 got his finger instead.

gscrym Fri 07-May-04 08:18:48

My DS fell downstairs (from the top) when staying with my dad. He was craling upstairs and pushed my dad out the way (he's in his 70's) and rolled downstairs. He was balling his head of when he got to the bottom. I felt terrible because I'm a terrible daughter for giving my dad that resposibility at his age (he's a very young 73) and a bad mother for teaching DS to climb the stairs at that age (10months).

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