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Where can i find a real life Postman Pat?

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mckenzie Thu 06-May-04 20:06:35

Quite a few years ago my friend arranged, as a birthday treat for her son, for Postman Pat to come to their house in his little red van with Jess the cat and deliver some cards and presents. I still remember the birthday boys face, it truly was a picture.

I'd like to see about arranging this for my son's birthday but my friend doesn't have the details anymore of the company concerned.

Do any Mums Netters know of anyone who does this? Doesn't even have to be Postman Pat I guess. Fireman Sam would work just as well. or Bob the Builder.

Thanks guys

SoupDragon Thu 06-May-04 20:15:35

Whereabouts are you? There seems to be a company in Devon. Not sure what they do but sounds promising:
Postman Pat's Personal Deliveries Rose Cottage Harcombe Sidmouth Devon EX10 0PR Tel: 01395 597505

mckenzie Thu 06-May-04 20:18:52

unfortunately I'm nowhere near Devon Soupdragon but thanks for the details though and I will call them as they might no of others who do the same thing huh. Worth a try.

Thanks again

mckenzie Thu 06-May-04 20:19:55

Oops, of course I did mean

they might 'know' of others.

SoupDragon Thu 06-May-04 20:22:46

I thought it would have been rather lucky if you were in Devon!! Google didn't come up with anything else apart from lots of visits from PP to fairs, schools etc. Clearly there are lots of PPs out there!

lou33 Thu 06-May-04 20:23:48

This has a Postman Pat thing, about a third of the way down the list. If it isn't right for you, they may be able to tell you of someone else.

SueW Thu 06-May-04 21:37:14

If you are really lucky your local Royal Mail sorting office might have a costume - they used to be *the* source of POstman Pat costumes but most of the costumes have fallen apart now and budgets don't run to new ones (I know all this cos I spent ages trying to track one down a few years ago and finally found someone in RM who knew about it!)

Alternatively, if you are having a party, you could arrange for the local fire brigade to pop in - obviously not guaranteed cos emergencies come first (but wicked if they have to rush away with blue lights on). Or they have a bear, I think, as their mascot. You might be able to borrow the suit in return for a donation to their benevolent fund.

Janh Thu 06-May-04 21:40:48

Sue, it's an ELEPHANT! (Called Welephant. Or Wellyphant? Anyway it was last time I saw it.)

carla Thu 06-May-04 21:46:29

In Oxford we have two battery powered vehicles - one of which used to home a black and white cat. They were just like PP's - in fact we still have them 'cept the nice postie's gone ... and taken Jess with him

mckenzie Thu 06-May-04 21:48:24

thanks all. Suew, i love the idea of the fire brigade coming to his party. Do you really think they might do that if I offered to make a donation to a charity on their behalf? I shall certainly look into it. I used to have a regular running route that went past our local fire station and got caught short one day and borrowed their toilet - some of the guys there were dream boats!!

SueW Thu 06-May-04 23:41:19

Ooops - sorry - so long since I was at the fire station open day I'd forgotten what the mascot is!!!

Fire brigade (locally at least) are brilliant with the 'education' side of their job, taking fire engines to all sorts of fairs, toddler walks, etc. They are also the source locally for Santa's outfit for Xmas parties (in return for suitable donation to benevolent fund). My friend uses it every year but it always confuses whoever answers the phone if he's new to the station and doesn't know that they have it buried at the back of a cupboard

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