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GFF children playing issues

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Mummy2013Olithia Thu 09-Jul-15 19:59:06

So I moved to a GFF in December and started to settle in, recently I have been subjected to the most bizarre behaviour by the children that play in the area. Staring through my windows, even putting their hands through to try and grab my chihuahua. Litter thrown in my garden (milk bottles, coke cans), as a thank you for throwing football's and shoes back over my garden fence. Climbing ontop of my fence to sit and stare in. What can I do about it. They can walk the entire perimeter of my flat and play loudly till about 9:30pm each night, mostly outside my daughters bedroom keeping her up most nights; her bedroom borders a green. I'm due in two weeks, so I may be being sensitive but I wouldn't have dreamed getting that close to someone's window as a child. Sorry about the long post, a little confused and frustrated as neither the police or council can do very much.

PeterParkerSays Thu 09-Jul-15 20:07:51

Does GFF = Ground Floor Flat? If so, I'd look at voile curtains to go at the wiindows they can look into, maybe put obstruction in front of windows, a water butt for eaxample.

The council can do something about the noise nuisance and the police can do something against the parents who let their children behave like this.

What's the history of the flat - was it empty for a time before you moved in or is there history between the kids and a previous tenant?

Also put up "this dog bites" or similar signs on the door to discourage hem from leaning in the window confused to grab the dog.

Mummy2013Olithia Thu 09-Jul-15 20:16:59

Yeah Ground floor flat. The council said they can't do anything through lack of evidence, it's illegal to record minors so no luck there. Can't put anything under my windows as it is classed as obstructing public land, asked for bushes but council again refused stating the roots could damage the exterior wall. Wasn't empty for long and they got on with neighbours and kids well. I'm stumped. Have looked into net curtains but it's just a cost I can't afford just yet (large windows). It's our first place so still a working progress. Props for the dog bites signs will be doing that asap, thanks ��

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