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Where can I buy a cosy sleep suit online?

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MrsDoolittle Wed 05-May-04 12:34:32

My dd is 3 weeks old and we were given a cosy Gap sleep suit before she was born.
I would like to buy another one, the weather is still rubbish, but I can't find one anywhere. It's all summer stuff now. I have tried all the high street shops - Gap, Mothercare, Adams, Next and M&S.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

SoupDragon Wed 05-May-04 12:35:00


tillymint Wed 05-May-04 22:02:49

I've got two Next fleece sleepsuits in pink ,(with fairy embroidary). Aged 3-6months,(worn twice) and 6-9 months (never used) Bought last year.
You can have them both for £5 plus P&P.

Branster Wed 05-May-04 22:09:16

Try the sale liknks on La redoute and JojoMamanBebe websites. I've just had a look and they seem to have a couple of cosy sleeps suits but I didn't check if they have the right size in stock. Here a re the links to their sites

Branster Wed 05-May-04 22:12:05

Hmm, didn't quite get the hang of these likns. Hope this works


Branster Wed 05-May-04 22:12:38


Branster Wed 05-May-04 22:15:18

Also Vertbaudet Baby Nightwear Sale items

Branster Wed 05-May-04 22:16:33

The Vertbaudet ones look really sweet and they seem to have them in stock for newborns.

Posey Wed 05-May-04 22:20:57

I was going to recommend Vertbaudet too. Ds had one that was worn and worn and great for a cover-kicker-offer!

tillymint Thu 06-May-04 20:11:29

Ooops! Read it as 3months not weeks. Guess mine will be too large.
Vertbaudet is worth a look.
Good luck

gscrym Thu 06-May-04 21:39:34

My ds lived in Vertbaudet sleepsuits and they do the cosy fleecy ones in a good range of sizes.

luftzuhl Fri 05-Apr-13 16:39:26

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