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He is really that good!!!

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Twinkie Wed 05-May-04 10:19:59

I have something to tell you girls - David Beckham is as good as Rebecca Loos says - in fact even better!!

ghengis Wed 05-May-04 10:20:34

Ball skills?!!!

marthamoo Wed 05-May-04 10:20:51

Oh Twinkie not you too. I thought he was fairly mediocre myself

moodyzebra Wed 05-May-04 10:22:19

Give me Michael Owen, any day.

mambo Wed 05-May-04 10:32:48

Chris Kirkland- a bit scary because he's about 15 years younger than me.Also Freddie Ljungberg yummy

WSM Wed 05-May-04 10:35:57

IME it's that *thing* on his *thing* that makes the difference

CountessDracula Wed 05-May-04 10:36:52

What ARE you all on about?

Freddie L for me too any day over greasy locks Becks

Twinkie Wed 05-May-04 10:39:37

Nooooo - woke up this morning with the hugest smile on my face and a lovely glowing happy feeling about me!! after having the rudest dream about David and he was GREAT, a GOD but he did not leave Posh for me either although after the fun time he gave me I really did not care!! - Must be pregnancy hormones or something!!

Strange - there are a million men that I would want to sleep with before him - DP being one of them luckily!!

Twinkie Wed 05-May-04 10:40:23

WSM - you have had him too then and know about the big mole on the end of his thing that hits the spot just right!!

mambo Wed 05-May-04 10:41:49

would have been nightmare for me

WSM Wed 05-May-04 10:43:10

ROFL <<<spits tea all over keyboard>>>

mambo Wed 05-May-04 10:49:07

What about Sven ???? He must have something impressive

CountessDracula Wed 05-May-04 10:49:36

Twinkie I am very upset that you are dreaming lewdly about potential Chelskum

Twinkie Wed 05-May-04 10:56:01

I would have picked Thierry myself CD - had no choice in the matter!! Sorry!!

lou33 Wed 05-May-04 13:10:12

Cd I have to agree about FL. PHWOAR! I have a lovely picture of him half naked, as my pc wallpaper from time to time.

Tommy Wed 05-May-04 13:37:25

When I was pg I used to have naughty dreams about Gordon Ramsey...

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