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sasser worm virus

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popsycal Wed 05-May-04 09:30:06

Dh has just rung me to remind me to update windows and virus checker in view of sasser worm virus problems in the news today

click here for windows updates and to run a check to see if you have the virus

good samaritan deed done for today

nikcola Wed 05-May-04 14:25:12

thanks for that xxx

HiddenSpirit Wed 05-May-04 21:20:42

Also if you think you may already have the worm (i.e. getting a warning message that your pc will shut down in so many seconds), you can download the removal tool from here

misdee Thu 06-May-04 08:28:14

yup, we had this on saturday. it took untill sunday to sort out as it wasnt wildly knowm what it was at that point. did my head in. but apparrently its easy to disable long enough to get the patch needed.

HiddenSpirit Thu 06-May-04 10:50:16

If you get the shutdown message, you can click on your start menu, then click on run and type "shutdown -a" (without quotes) and this should stop the pc shutting down. This is based on XP, not sure about any other windows platforms.

WSM Thu 06-May-04 10:58:31

We've got 2 firewalls up (microsoft XP's built in and an independent software one) so we *should* be covered. Having said that, I am downloading all the XP security patches and virus checking daily ! We got that Welchia worm and it was a s*d to get rid of - Paranoid, moi ?!

jampot Mon 10-May-04 21:14:18

Free virus detection apparently on this website click on personal then housecallscan or similar. PC engineer told me about this last week - supposed to detect and clear virtually all virus/worms.

susanmt Tue 11-May-04 11:19:04

We got it - and followed the microsofdt instructions and it got rid of it fine. Roll on my new Mac, that's all I'm saying!

carlyb Wed 12-May-04 23:37:47

Agree with link jampot put down - my dh is a senior security analyst and is heavily involved in anti virus stuff.
He says that the link you've provided is to trend micro who are one of the best anti virus companies so should be very good at detecting and removing the virus.

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