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Anyone changed baby's name after few months?

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OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:14:44

Hi, I want to change my baby's name after 4 months I have decided name on birth certificate does not suit her. Anyone else had this experience, what did you do? Can you change the name on certificate? What did your family say? How did you tell everyone? Any advice? THANKS!!

Lisa78 Tue 04-May-04 21:16:37

You can't change the name on her birth certificate but you can have it changed by deed poll - when I married DH, we changed DS1's surname, think it cost about £40 IIRC. I believe you can just decide to change name and thats that, but it seems a bit weird to me!

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 21:18:25

You cannot change the name on a birth certificate unless there has been an actual error; changing your mind would not count towards this. Sorry

However, you can change the name of a person and just use it regardless. Many people are know by different names to that on their birth certificate.

Alternatively so long as all people with parental responsibility agrees you can get a change of name deed prepared, and do it legally.

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:20:55

Thanks, I will have it changed by deed poll, as it will then be on her passport. Someone said if the baby has not been baptised/christened then it can be changed on birth certificate but I don't think this is right. It's been a big decision and I'm dreading telling everyone but at 4 months if I leave it any longer it will be too late!

Spod Tue 04-May-04 21:22:48

have you chosen the new name... it took us so long to come up with a single name for our dd i dont think i could choose another, hope you get it sorted

hercules Tue 04-May-04 21:22:50

I have never been known by the name on my bc, just the middle name for everything. Very good reason why my mum wanted to drop it.

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 21:22:53

I am afraid not. A religious ceremony has nothing to do with the legal process of registering a birth and the preparation of the brith certificate.

hercules Tue 04-May-04 21:23:42

I am pretty sure it's not on my poassport.

Davros Tue 04-May-04 21:25:34

WELL, what is the name you now don't like??????? and the new one if you want to tell.

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:25:54

Spod, yes chosen a new name. When I was pregnant I thought of her name and that was that, but as time has gone on I just feel its not right! It's really upset me, as it's such a big thing, but I know I will regret it if i don't do it. I'm known by my middle name, so will make it her middle name I think. Thanks everyone for your advice.

CountessDracula Tue 04-May-04 21:26:35

I think you can change your surname but not your first name. A friend of mine changed her dd's name but not sure if she had been registered yet.

CountessDracula Tue 04-May-04 21:27:43

Oooh yes I'm dying to know what the names are! My friend who changed her dd's name initially called her something really way out (can't even remember what) and then changed it to Lily

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:28:50

Davros, I'd rather not say until it's done and dusted and 100% sorted

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:31:43

I think it's odd that you can change surname but not first name, surely the surname is more 'set in stone' especially legally. This is my first message on this site, it's good isn't it!

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 21:34:22

Ooh, look here for info about whther you can change a birth certificate .

The law is a little different for babies:

If changing a child's forename(s) within 12 months of registration:

If you only wish to change the forename(s) of a child for which you have parental responsibility [What is parental resonsibility], you can have the child's birth certificate amended to include the child's new forename(s) providing the change occurs within 12 months of the original registration. The new full birth certificate will show both the original and the new forename(s) but the short birth certificate will only show the new forename(s).

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:37:32

Hulababy, thank you SO much!! I'm feeling much better about my decision now, I can't be the only weird mother who does this then!! I can sleep easier tonight now, thanks a mill,

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 21:38:22

That site and info even took DH by suprise. He was so sure it was not possible (and he's a lawyer) so we all learnt something new!

popsycal Tue 04-May-04 21:39:13

ohhh = i knew about that one hula - was just about to postit but you beat me to it!

Hulababy Tue 04-May-04 21:39:46

LOL Popsy You can do next search!

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:46:48

Hulababy, thought you sounded legal, it's true about learning a new thing everyday then, even for lawyers! Now I have to fathom how to tell everyone. I'm not too worried, just happy it can be done on certificate.

Davros Tue 04-May-04 21:48:54

Oxfordbaby, glad to hear that you can do it. Ignore me, I'm just being nosey! If its just a matter of feeling that the name doesn't suit her then no-one will be offended. I've always wondered how people can be sure of names before they see their baby and get to know them a little. We had a shortlist both times but wouldn't decide until after the birth, I did the same with the kitten I had years ago

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:52:12

Ok, well I was so sure I wanted to call her Abigail, all through my pregnancy - I do love the name. But now I think she's more of a Sophia!!

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 21:56:08

It is very hard to choose a name not knowing what the baby will be like. I did not end up being called by my first name, which I never did think suited me. I'm signing off shortly as much brain ache trying to get head round the name change! Thanks everyone.

ponygirl Tue 04-May-04 22:01:29

Well, OxfordBaby, I think you've made an excellent decision, but then I might be biased: all through her pregnancy my mum wanted to call me Abigail, but changed her mind to.... Yup!

OxfordBaby Tue 04-May-04 22:05:29

pg, REALLY!!! that's a bizarre coincidence! Are you glad you did not stay Abigail? Does Sophia get shortened a lot?

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