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Car clubs in North London?

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upthegardenpath Wed 10-Jun-15 17:36:53

Hello all,

Not sure if I'm posting in the right place, but here goes...DH and I toyed with idea of buying a 2nd hand Polo until today, when we tried to find car insurance under £600 a year.
Bit more expensive than when I was insuring myself only, on my old Golf, 20 years ago then....
We wouldnt commute by car (bike and walk at the moment), and really wanted to have one for some shopping, trips out of London at weekends, maybe a yearly ferry trip to France, plus every Saturday in term time Italian school for DD.

Tried Streetcar years ago, before it became Zipcar (I think), but there were frequent hiccups (car not there even though we'd booked it, car filthy etc) and the hardest part was trying to go on day trios spontaneously - everything would be booked up a week or more in advance.

Hence why we considered getting our own, but what with several big expenses coming up this year and me still it having regular work, the insurance alone, plus tax, parking permit (£185) and the rest, gas panicked us.

We put a refundable deposit on a Polo last week - only £300. Now considering cancelling the whole thing.

Whilst I love the idea of having a car again and being able to just jump in and go where I like, I'm wondering if car clubs are better these days and what others' experience has been?

We're in N19 north London, Dartmouth Park, by the way.

Thanks thanks

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