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crystaltips Sun 02-May-04 21:49:19

When I was born I was given a stuffed rabbit - ( affectionately known as "Bunny" )... That was 40 years ago .... Now "Bunny" has a new loving owner .... ( affectionatley known as "DD" ) ... however poor old Bunny needs a bit of TLC herself by way of a few repairs to her paw .... and a bit of stuffing in the tummy department ( if only it were the same for myself )

I was wondering if any of you out there know where Bunny can be sent for a full rabbit make-over ....

Many Thanks - in anticipation !!

moodyzebra Sun 02-May-04 22:34:26

A quality teddy-bear shop might be able to recommend where you can get toys repaired, or do it themselves. I have a teddy bear dating from the 1920s or earlier, and a local collector's shop offered to patch him up for £20.

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