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Double booked.......Does this seem like a good solution ??

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Nutcracker Sat 01-May-04 18:46:03

DD2 (4) has a blood test on tuesday morning at 10:30.
I suddenly realised to day, that the trip to the farm that she's been going on about for ages is on the same day at 9:00 (with nursery).

She really wants to go, and the only solution i can think of is that i ask nursery if we can drop her off at the farm after her test.
We could probably get her there for no later than 11:30 and then they leave to go back to nursery at 2pm (i think). At least then she can still have her dinner there and a quick look round.

The other problem, is that as tuesday is not dd's normal nursery day, we are supposed to pick her up as soon as they get back. Only trouble is, that we are viewing that maisonette at 2:30.
Do you think nursery will let her stay until her normal finishing time (3:30) if i pay for the extra hour ??

Nutcracker Sat 01-May-04 19:28:22

Just bumping this up

Lisa78 Sat 01-May-04 19:31:24

Seems a good solution to me Nutty, can't imagine they would object

Bozza Sat 01-May-04 21:39:21

First part - yes can see no reason why not drop her off after test - would be a shame to miss out.

Second part - think they would be happy if you pay - because presumably extra staff would have had to be drafted in for the day anyway.

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