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Do you live in a bohemian household?

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mousiemousie Wed 08-Nov-06 18:29:53

What are its characteristics if so?

Damselion Sat 13-Apr-13 17:59:15

Thread resurrection! I was wondering what mumsnet considered bohemian, I just scored 75 in the quiz so I guess I am !

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:47:22

Okay, thanks!

I thought that and then thought noooo!

ScummyMummy Sun 12-Nov-06 19:42:46

frank = frannyand zooey, nannyme

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:40:47

Who's Frank?

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 19:19:18

remember the bloody "concert"?

Jesus, every kid on the campsite and their greyhound on their electric guitar playing Sounds of the Eighties.

Frank, I would imagine you heard that, surely?

NM is that why you are in france?

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:16:17

God that fecking drumming did my head IN! Lovely it was, but the same beat for 3 days?????

am I losing Boho points here?

have replied in HE filly.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 19:11:01

there was one at hesfes, frank

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 19:10:36

Heh, I must have missed the African drumming workshop bit

I am semi boho after all

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 18:56:22

Hello camper ladeee!

Been looking out for you since HESFES (how boho does it get?)

I shall scamper off to check out HE threads...being pestered for a cheese sandwich by Felix though.

How are you all? Still recovering from your major camp-fest?

We are trialling French education atm. Very impressed so far, but I still hav emy HE kit!

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 18:53:48

oy nannyme, I see you!

How are you?

There's a thread with your name on it in HE...

moondog Sun 12-Nov-06 18:53:12

Oh yes,Nanny,you are firmly established!

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 18:52:22

Just reading the latest here and now looks like we could be in the running after all:

Keep ducks
Dabble in Home Ed
Have some velvet articles

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 18:46:35


I am very anal

and am doing a physics dregree ffs

I have still got a lot of points

moondog Sun 12-Nov-06 18:44:41

Lady,yes,clarify the breastfeeding.

'African drumming'

Truly one of the most frightening phrases of our time.

Beaten only by 'African drumming workshop'.

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 18:42:49

Oh I am actually getting some points now

I think I was on minus 50 before, I am too anal to be bohemian that's for sure

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 18:41:56

well am on way over 200 now

hatwoman Sun 12-Nov-06 13:08:40

surely spirituality's for hippies not bohos? I'd say 2 points for every book by the Bloomsbury set and 2 points for every non-English novel in the original foreign language. Minus two points for every children's book based on a tv character.

NotAnOtter Sun 12-Nov-06 12:43:42

20 points for each secondary school age child without a mobile phone
10 points for each vegetarian in household
10 points for owning books on spirituality or philosophy
10 points for buddhist artefacts in home
10 points for 'living in sin'

FillyjonkTheFireEater Sun 12-Nov-06 08:20:39

(am also rofl btw at all you boho types lining up to take a quiz on the computer

FillyjonkTheFireEater Sun 12-Nov-06 08:19:29


I think I am on about 150, which is not bad seeing as how I am in the middle of a physics degree

how about if I want chicken and crap? And if we do have a telly but I can't even turn it on? And I have no frigging idea what sort it is?

hatwoman Sat 11-Nov-06 22:47:58

run that breast-feeding bit by me again? Your ds yes? his granny/step-granny?

LadyOfTheFlowersIs1Baby1Bump Sat 11-Nov-06 22:41:50

my old man and his wife do the following:
bake their own bread
only eat organic
my dad now wears leather bracelets
he hardly gets his hair cut
they never wear jeans or anything named, everything is sand or olive coloured
she wants to have a go at breastfeeding ds2
they go to 'african drumming' nights
dad grows all the veg
they have reared chickens in the past
she washes all clothes by hand
they dont want a fridge, they have a slate shelf and damp teatowels instead....

actually, i think they are hippies...

hatwoman Sat 11-Nov-06 22:31:56

10 points for owning any antique night wear.

JanH Sat 11-Nov-06 21:05:05

Another 20 points for keeping hens?

(On mousie's quiz I scored about 30; after PA's my points have gone negative )

ParanoidAndroid Sat 11-Nov-06 20:30:31

I think we ought to add a few more things to the quiz....

Add 20 points if your TV has only 4 channels

Add a further 50 points if it's still black and white

Deduct 10 points for every TV more than one

Deduct 20 points for Sky etc

Deduct 30 points for a widescreen TV and/or flat screen and/or high definition

(IME, bohemians don't DO technology)

Deduct 10 points if your car is less than 10 years old

Add 10 points if your car is more than 20 years old

Add 20 points if you travel by bicycle regardless of the weather

Any other suggestions?

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