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Do you live in a bohemian household?

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mousiemousie Wed 08-Nov-06 18:29:53

What are its characteristics if so?

moondog Sun 12-Nov-06 18:44:41

Lady,yes,clarify the breastfeeding.

'African drumming'

Truly one of the most frightening phrases of our time.

Beaten only by 'African drumming workshop'.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 18:46:35


I am very anal

and am doing a physics dregree ffs

I have still got a lot of points

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 18:52:22

Just reading the latest here and now looks like we could be in the running after all:

Keep ducks
Dabble in Home Ed
Have some velvet articles

moondog Sun 12-Nov-06 18:53:12

Oh yes,Nanny,you are firmly established!

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 18:53:48

oy nannyme, I see you!

How are you?

There's a thread with your name on it in HE...

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 18:56:22

Hello camper ladeee!

Been looking out for you since HESFES (how boho does it get?)

I shall scamper off to check out HE threads...being pestered for a cheese sandwich by Felix though.

How are you all? Still recovering from your major camp-fest?

We are trialling French education atm. Very impressed so far, but I still hav emy HE kit!

FrannyandZooey Sun 12-Nov-06 19:10:36

Heh, I must have missed the African drumming workshop bit

I am semi boho after all

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 19:11:01

there was one at hesfes, frank

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:16:17

God that fecking drumming did my head IN! Lovely it was, but the same beat for 3 days?????

am I losing Boho points here?

have replied in HE filly.

HowTheFillyjonkStoleChristmas Sun 12-Nov-06 19:19:18

remember the bloody "concert"?

Jesus, every kid on the campsite and their greyhound on their electric guitar playing Sounds of the Eighties.

Frank, I would imagine you heard that, surely?

NM is that why you are in france?

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:40:47

Who's Frank?

ScummyMummy Sun 12-Nov-06 19:42:46

frank = frannyand zooey, nannyme

nannyme Sun 12-Nov-06 19:47:22

Okay, thanks!

I thought that and then thought noooo!

Damselion Sat 13-Apr-13 17:59:15

Thread resurrection! I was wondering what mumsnet considered bohemian, I just scored 75 in the quiz so I guess I am !

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