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Addiction to mumsnet - can it be controlled?

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mears Sat 20-Apr-02 10:59:55

My ds and offspring are fed up of seeing me on mumsnet. I find myself drawn to it frequently on a daily basis! Should I be worried? Does anyone else have the same problem? Will it get better?!?

mears Sat 20-Apr-02 11:01:35

just practising

mears Sat 20-Apr-02 13:39:30

Definately should have said dh (not ds) - he HATES it.

Rhiannon Sat 20-Apr-02 13:42:56

I must admit, I am addicted too will often come on 3 times a day (sad I know) but don't go on any other sites. I think it would be nice to have a live chat room too. R

pupuce Sat 20-Apr-02 14:13:33

It doesn't get better I am afraid !
DH hates it as well, I have made he promise not to go in when he puts the kids to bed as he thinks (rightly) that I could give him a hand.
The worst is when I am in the office (and bored) then Mumsnet is turned on all day and all I do is check postings every hour !!!

Demented Sat 20-Apr-02 15:26:47

I have only been here a month or so, lured here by a link from another site. I never used to use the internet, now I can't stop!!! Maybe someone should set up a support group!!!

emsiewill Sat 20-Apr-02 15:49:20

Lately, I've been thinking I should try and cut down the time I spend here, as I'm quite alarmed at the things that I will forgo in order to have time to come onto Mumsnet (TV is one thing - not that it's bad to give that up, but is sitting in front of a PC any better?).
Sometimes I wish I had access at work, but on balance, it's probably better I don't, as I'd never get any work done!
I keep telling myself "just go on every other day" but it's just not that easy.
So, sorry mears, I've been "here" for about 9 months, and it's not got any better!

WideWebWitch Sat 20-Apr-02 21:19:08

Mears, it's uncontrollable IME! I've only been here for about 3 months but admit to looking every day, often several times and posting whenever I have something to say.

Luckily dp doesn't care at all - well, he has Playstation 2 after all although ds said once, *please* stop looking at that *boring* computer!

At least, as addictions go it's not a bad one to have...and it's not fattening...

jessi Sat 20-Apr-02 22:10:59

Mears, I absolutely love it too!Its part of my daily routine now, so comforting somehow! luckily my dh doesn't mind in the least and ds still has a daytime nap!

maryz Sat 20-Apr-02 22:21:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pupuce Sat 20-Apr-02 22:42:34

Maryz - get an ISP which has free calls....

emsiewill Sat 20-Apr-02 22:47:36

Pupuce, surely that way disaster lies.....
And I *know* that it's possible to eat chocolate, drink wine and be on mumsnet, all at the same time

Demented Sat 20-Apr-02 22:49:36

Pupuce, what's an ISP? I hope this is not a totally dumb question!

pupuce Sat 20-Apr-02 22:50:17

I know
But isn't it great ????
Having said that I sometime get really fed up of some of the debates and I have been know to stay away for few days when I got really angry/upset... but I always come back.

pupuce Sat 20-Apr-02 22:50:48

Internet Service Provider like BT or VISPA or AOL or ...

jasper Sat 20-Apr-02 23:36:40

It's because it is such a flipping good site, and the standard of contributions is very high
I have visited and contributed to lots of other websites, but none compare to this one.
Most other sites I have participated in seem to attract idiots and extremists who have some aganda or other to force on everyone.
We are in general an articulate, polite bunch who give the occasional troll short shrift!
No wonder our partners hate it - they know it is the perfect escape from them and of course they fear we may be discussing them !

star Sun 21-Apr-02 07:58:03

Message withdrawn

star Sun 21-Apr-02 08:01:36

Message withdrawn

emsiewill Sun 21-Apr-02 11:55:45

Star, you can always go to an internet cafe Not done this myself .....yet, but never had more than 4 days away!

jasper Sun 21-Apr-02 12:38:56

star I occasionally take a peek during the night feed - sometimes Bloss will have posted as she is in a different time zone.
Oh dear. I think this is an advanced variant of mumsnet adiction.

ps posting below should have read "none compares"

star Sun 21-Apr-02 18:38:40

Message withdrawn

pupuce Sun 21-Apr-02 21:38:11

I went to 3yo birthday party yesterday at a Fitness Club and they have free internet access... so I went to have a peak at Mumsnet - how sad is that ?????

Demented Mon 22-Apr-02 08:47:55

Thanks Pupuce, I really am not very up on these things, I think we must have a deal like this!

mears Mon 22-Apr-02 10:17:29

Thanks everyone for the responses - glad I am not the only nutter
Have just been caught again by dh. I am not even dressed yet, disapproving expression but he stood for a couple of minutes reading over my shoulder.
I think he is more interested than he makes out.
Bye for now

Mooma Mon 22-Apr-02 12:01:41

Mears - I get so defensive if DH starts reading over my shoulder. It's like it should be my own little private area of the world...
perhaps the fact that I want to keep it 'secret' is a real sign of addiction

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