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1st time to an F1 GP for DH 40th - Silverstone or Monaco??

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u32ng Mon 04-May-15 21:33:53

DH is 40 this year and has never been to a Grand Prix race despite having been a mega fan since the early 90's(!).

So as a surprise I want to take him to one next spring/summer, so am trying to organise it all on the sly. Problem is I don't know whether to commit to Monaco or Silverstone in terms of what would be the best experience. Help from a seasoned F1-er would be much appreciated!!

I've got various pros/cons for both (won't bore you with the list yet!) but I just can't decide what would be best. I really don't want to muck this upsad

Also a bit anxious at leaving DS1 and December-due DC2 for 4 days, but I suppose that is a side-issue for me to deal with.

Tickets for both races will go on sale in the next couple of months for 2016 so I need to make my decision soon.

NormHonal Mon 04-May-15 21:43:30

Assuming you are UK-based, I guess Silverstone would be easier to manage with a 6mo baby and not wanting to be away for too long.

However - Monaco is the ultimate. Not done it personally but have friends who are F1-mad and say it is something else.

If you went for Silverstone, how about using the money you will "save" (ha ha) versus Monaco by hiring a swish car to arrive in, or a hospitality package?

Either way, your DH is a lucky man and will have an amazing time!

Jackieharris Mon 04-May-15 23:05:27

Go to spa in Belgium if there is a race there next year.

It's a much better track than the others, the one to go to for fans, esp if you get a seat with a view of eau rouge.

u32ng Tue 05-May-15 13:01:39

Ha, funnily enough Belgium was on my list but I removed it because getting there/accommodation looked like quite an arse. My DH has arthritis so camping is not an option (also not very glam for a 40th!). Also Spa can be a bit rainy so definitely not ideal for camping...

Jackieharris Tue 05-May-15 13:11:24


The rain or risk of it is what makes it so exciting.

Monaco & silver stone just tend not to be very interesting races and they aren't at important times of year.

ninawish Tue 05-May-15 13:18:19

Hands down Monaco. It's amazing. Silverstone is good but the whole feel
of Monaco is unforgettable

whojamaflip Tue 05-May-15 13:23:56

Monaco definitely!

Did this for our honeymoon many moons ago and it was fantastic - only mistake we made was to travel down by coach - horrendous journey and it took a bit of the shine off the holiday knowing we were going home the same way hmm

That aside it was a once in a lifetime and the evening atmosphere after practice and the race itself was electric.....

That said I wouldn't turn down Silverstone tickets either smile

Nydj Tue 05-May-15 16:23:43

If you do go for Monaco, you may want to consider staying in Nice which, is pricey but not as bad as Monaco. There is a really good train service from nice to Monaco.

u32ng Wed 06-May-15 14:04:30

Thanks, I've got my eye on a hotel in nice that a work colleague stayed at that is ok price wise and close to the train station. I kind of rough cost compared the two races yesterday and they came out not too dissimilar really! The only thing is that for the price of a Monaco Sunday grandstand I can get a weekend silverstone ticket.

Argh!! Decisions!

I wish I could just ask my DH but I am adamant for it to be a surprise. Thank god I have actually absorbed some F1 knowledge in the 15yrs we've been together, so I have a bit of a steer!

LemonYellowSun Wed 06-May-15 14:06:34

If you go for Silverstone, I recommend Becketts.

FuckingLiability Wed 06-May-15 14:10:38

I would personally go for Monaco. It's probably one of the most definitive F1 races and even if you just got a Sunday grandstand it would still be a fantastic experience.

AngelBlue12 Wed 06-May-15 14:13:13

My DH would definitely choose Monaco.

lbsjob87 Wed 13-May-15 06:39:16

My OH would say Monaco every time. We went there once while on holiday in the South of France and just walking along the road he was awestruck at being on the track. Besides, Silverstone is what I call a driving-round-in-circles race, whereas at Monaco, there's a whole, admittedly tiny, city to explore.

My OH is 40 next year, actually. You may have just given me an idea.....

u32ng Thu 14-May-15 10:34:09

Thanks for all the comments so far. I think the main thing I am wrestling with just now is which would give the best fan experience. Silverstone with the majority speaking English means he could get into conversations with other fans over the weekend. Would be less likely in Monaco, but then Monaco has the 'holiday' element too.

Maybe I'll just see what he says after the Monaco race in a few weeks time, if I can VERY subtly steer the conversation to get him to make comments about the circuit that I could then sus out whether it's a race he'd be interested in viewing live.

u32ng Mon 25-May-15 21:28:15

Hello! So I've decided on Silverstone. I just got a gut feeling about it and I do think that the fan atmosphere will be great. Looking at getting 3-day reserved seats in Club Corner. Also heard Luffield is a fan favourite, though it seems like there is more to look at at Club.

Excited now I've decided!

RumAppleGinger Mon 25-May-15 21:39:20

We went to Monaco in 2005. We did it on a bit of a budget and it was great. Easy jet flights to Nice and stayed in a hotel there. Train to Monaco takes about 25 minutes. Then we bought tickets there. Any buildings that look over onto the track can sell tickets too so we found an office with a balcony on the first bend, had a great view of a massive screen. They folk laying on the hospitality provided loads of booze and put the British coverage on a TV on the balcony so we could keep up with what was happening. It was the fraction of the price of stadium tickets and we had just as good a view (and access to proper toilets!).

I bought us tickets for Silverstone for our first wedding anniversary (paper wink) but was so horribly pregnant and puking non stop I couldn't face the drive from Edinburgh. I will make it there one day!

I'm sure you will both love it which ever you decide.

RumAppleGinger Mon 25-May-15 21:40:39

Sorry that should say a great view of the track and a massive screen not just the screen!

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