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Where can I buy a boy leg swimsuit

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gothicmama Fri 30-Apr-04 14:35:50

Help old swimsuit is falling to bits were can I buy another boy legged one thanks

bluesky Fri 30-Apr-04 14:37:02

think Boden do some.

Tissy Fri 30-Apr-04 14:37:25

Try Lands End?

CountessDracula Fri 30-Apr-04 14:37:29

what is that then?

Momp Fri 30-Apr-04 14:38:02

Definately Boden, and you get your 10% from Mumsnet too!

Tissy Fri 30-Apr-04 14:39:17

CD, it's a swimming cossie that doesn't ride up yer crack!

CountessDracula Fri 30-Apr-04 14:44:55

oh I see

muddaofsuburbia Fri 30-Apr-04 14:45:59

No need for waxing either - the sideburns are left in their natural state

Tissy Fri 30-Apr-04 14:47:24

here is the Boden one on the left- the legs are rather like shorts

gothicmama Fri 30-Apr-04 14:48:00

yes great for mums with no time - also can do handstands and mess around rather than worry about flashing too much

gothicmama Fri 30-Apr-04 14:49:06

Thanks Tissy they look very nice much more glam than my last one

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