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Lets get Nutty a house .................OMG, lots of luck needed, quick

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Nutcracker Fri 30-Apr-04 10:27:08

I rang up about the 4 bed house this morning and they have finally admitted that it is empty.
She said it needs alot of work but it will be offered within the next couple of days.
I asked her if she could have a look at my file and see if she thought i would at least be considered for it. She then said "Is that Miss ****" and i said "yes".
She said, i am already being considered for it.

She did stress that the fact i'm being considered doesn't mean i will get it, but i'm definatly in the running.
I think it should be a good sign that she knew who i was without me even telling her. My name must of been in the air, which is what i wanted.

Hopefully i should know if i've got it before i look at the maisonette on tuesday. If i don't know by then i'll have to stall the council.

If i haven't heard anything by monday then i will ring them on tuesday morning.

Have to say i have already cried about it, and my hands are shaking that much i can hardley type. At least if i don't get it thiough, it will be easier to make a desicion about the maisonette, as that will be my only option.

So lots of finger crossing and other good lucky producing activities please. Prayers would be good too

Nutcracker Fri 30-Apr-04 10:29:40

Meant to say too, that i won't be around much during the day until i know. They usually ring you to offer you something so i don't want to miss it.

I'm trying not to get my hopes up but it's not working. At least i have a reserve property i supppose.

twiglett Fri 30-Apr-04 10:30:14

message withdrawn

coppertop Fri 30-Apr-04 10:32:49

Fingers and toes crossed for you, Nutty. Good luck!

hercules Fri 30-Apr-04 10:34:06

OMG. All the luck in the world nutty!!!!!

hercules Fri 30-Apr-04 10:34:24

Will send good look vibes.

gothicmama Fri 30-Apr-04 10:37:11

good luck

LIZS Fri 30-Apr-04 10:43:13

Got everything crossed for you. Take care.

Jaybee Fri 30-Apr-04 10:46:07

I so hope you get it - sendin good luck thoughts across the country.

nikcola Fri 30-Apr-04 14:12:32

good luck

CountessDracula Fri 30-Apr-04 14:32:42

Oh nutty, fingers crossed for you xxx

misdee Fri 30-Apr-04 14:35:37

oooooooooo how exciting. good luck and let us all know asap!

Momp Fri 30-Apr-04 14:41:42

Lots and lots of luck Nutty.


popsycal Fri 30-Apr-04 14:42:10

good luck
everything crossed for you

Tissy Fri 30-Apr-04 14:43:24

Good luck nutty, fingers crossed!

Hulababy Fri 30-Apr-04 14:44:13

Good luck with it

Momp Fri 30-Apr-04 14:45:44

I knew if I tried to add a smiley it wouldn't work. Smileys are definately on their way to you but just are a bit shy today!

lemonice Fri 30-Apr-04 14:46:11

Hope this is the good news you need.

muddaofsuburbia Fri 30-Apr-04 14:48:58

One big prayer on its way to the big man upstairs for you

aloha Fri 30-Apr-04 15:06:23

Good luck!! I really hope you get it

miggy Fri 30-Apr-04 15:07:06

Am chopping all the feet off the kids rabbit for you
Seriously-best of luck
Dont send the rspca round-its just a joke-we dont even have a rabbit (honest!)

charlieplus3 Fri 30-Apr-04 15:09:15

Loads of Luck Nutcracker, hope this works out for you. Am sending good vibes and saying your name over and over to the housing people so it will filter thier brains and your name will just pop out.

How long till you hear?

Nutcracker Fri 30-Apr-04 15:33:41

Just typed a really long reply to this and then lost the bloody connection.

No news yet. Looks like i'll be witing until tuesday or wednesday. If i haven't heard by tuesday i will ring them and ask to be put out of my misery. Thing is, if we don't get it they won't ring and tell us, they'll only ring if we've got it. My mom reckons it's a good sign that we were told we are being considered then. She doesn't think they'd of told us if we wern't in with a really good chance.

Thanks for all of the good luck, smilies, prayers and rabbits feet You never know, it may just work.

charliecat Fri 30-Apr-04 15:37:27

Good Luck Nutty Hope you get it!

suedonim Fri 30-Apr-04 15:38:11

Bless, Nutcracker, and good luck. We're all rooting for you.

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