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Got to check this out! Funny funny funny!

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kiwisbird Tue 27-Apr-04 19:52:37

wedded bliss ebay madness!!!

sexgoddess Tue 27-Apr-04 19:58:12

What a guy!!!

wilbur Tue 27-Apr-04 19:58:57

That is hilarious! I always feel sad when I see wedding dresses in charity shiops, but that has changed my mind now!

AussieSim Tue 27-Apr-04 20:04:16

PMSL - no wonder it got so many hits. That guy has some good stand up material - unflattering to women, but somehow still bloody funny.

Frenchgirl Tue 27-Apr-04 20:04:28

what's he done with the bride????

Tinker Tue 27-Apr-04 20:06:06

He's funny - think we should put him touch with ff

melsy Tue 27-Apr-04 20:08:49

bl**dy fantastic !!!

Hulababy Tue 27-Apr-04 20:18:03


maisystar Tue 27-Apr-04 20:41:15

what a star!

suedonim Tue 27-Apr-04 21:45:00

Love that man!

katzguk Tue 27-Apr-04 21:52:13

how did you find it?

nightowl Tue 27-Apr-04 22:20:54

so whats an american size 12 equivalent to then? just out of interest?

wobblyknicks Tue 27-Apr-04 22:26:13

PMSL!!! Good for him, gave me a good laugh!!!

maisystar Tue 27-Apr-04 22:27:17

think is 16. not 100% sure tho

nightowl Tue 27-Apr-04 22:31:34

was wondering if there'd be any seams left after blokey wore it, bless him!

Demented Tue 27-Apr-04 23:18:14


mumbojumbo Wed 28-Apr-04 09:27:29

Just looked at this today - hilarious!

Its currently sitting at a bid of US$95,000,401.00
(Approximately £53,021,013.53) with 192 bids, and has had 1771855 hits. Can't believe EBAY haven't removed it yet!!

Oh, its just changed to US $13,000,100.00 - the last bidder just retracted his bid!!!

fairyfly Wed 28-Apr-04 09:34:05

That man is fantstic, i am proposing too

kiwisbird Wed 28-Apr-04 11:16:16

omg look at the bid history and cancellations
I got sent this on email from one of my email groups!

kiwisbird Wed 28-Apr-04 11:16:42

why would ebay remove it???

smellymelly Wed 28-Apr-04 14:07:00

It is now on $331,952.00 !!!!!!

How funny is that?

AussieSim Wed 28-Apr-04 19:20:48

That guy is making a career out of having put this wedding dress for sale 'Only in America!'

coppertop Wed 28-Apr-04 19:23:54

I wonder if the original wearer of the dress has seen this yet! Will she try to get the money included in the divorce settlement?

kiwisbird Wed 28-Apr-04 19:49:43

apparently he was on Good Morning America this morning....
hee hee

Lisa78 Wed 28-Apr-04 19:51:12

But WHY would someone really pay that much???

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