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Three Cheers to.......

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lydialemon Mon 26-Apr-04 16:16:50

the lovely man from Kwik Fit who warned me it might cost £120 to reattach my exhaust, but then charged me NOTHING AT ALL to fix it.
After waiting over an hour for a roadside recovery van to turn up to DSs nursery to do a temp job on it, and then a hours wait to be seen at Kwik Fit, I needed that news!!

I love you grubby blond Kwik Fit Man

Hulababy Mon 26-Apr-04 16:17:40

Good to hear!

Blu Mon 26-Apr-04 16:27:21

Aaaah it sounds as if he loves you too, LL!

CountessDracula Mon 26-Apr-04 16:41:28

They are fab. Mended a hole in my tyre caused by a bolt in it - it took them 45 mins and they charged £4!!

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