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Anyone else have a caravan and love it

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happycat Sun 25-Apr-04 20:22:50

We have just spent the weekend away at our caravan on the Kent coast and I love it.Wondering if anyone else is into it and where yours are

hercules Sun 25-Apr-04 20:24:57

No, but it is something dh and I want to get. How did you decide where you were going to have it?

happycat Sun 25-Apr-04 20:35:42

We went to the places that appealed to us>I went there alot as a kid for holidays.We chose somewhere not to far away (an hours drive)due to kids travelling.Then went and compared sites and ground rent prices.We love it because we open the door in the morning and unless we are going out we don't see the children until they are hungry or thirsty.I don't mean that we love to get rid of them it is just that they have so much freedom there which they can't have at home

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