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Child modelling.....

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loopymoomoo Mon 02-Mar-15 15:07:34

I've got a 2.5 year old daughter (who I clearly think is beautiful) and have been told by quite a few people she should get into child modelling.

It seems to be a complete mind field and all of the threads on discussion boards are years old so I just wanted to know if there was anyone out there who had any advice or inside knowledge on the subject?

Thanks! x

TreadSoftlyOnMyDreams Tue 03-Mar-15 14:54:41

No personal experience. I know someone who was approached by a scout to sign her 2.5 yr old child up. After much discussion they did on the basis that if she got really well paid it might set her up for uni fees etc. They've been to one casting for a high street chain which took all day and a lot of juggling of arrangements for other children, with no result and a very bored toddler. I think it's fair to say that they've decided that life's too short.

Beyond that anecdote, I haven't a clue. No idea what they might get paid, the tax implications, the market etc. or what constitutes a reputable agency. The rule of thumb appears to be that if its a kosher agency, they will pay for any pictures/portfolio.

Personally as the mum to a v pretty 4 yr old, I would not be terribly keen. She's only 4 and people already praise her for the "achievement" of having a pretty face. I don't want her to grow up thinking that it's anything other than a stroke of good luck, is entirely subjective anyway and that it gets her out of working hard at school. Not to mention the fact that most of us go through an ugly phase in our teens and I could do without all the hand wringing then grin

Neeksx Mon 16-Mar-15 17:11:16

Hi I've joined Mumsnet to ask the same question. All the posts I have read are years old and I can't seem to find any reviews on the two agencies my daughter has 'Casting assessment' with.

I'm going to attend them and see what happens, 1st is Urban Angels who haven't mentioned any fees yet. 2nd is Ology Kids who have said if she gets accepted the fee is £85, I will receive 10 of the best imagines. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm hoping that 'no reviews is good news' fingers crossed

Lilylulu Mon 30-Mar-15 20:27:33

If you're after child modelling - Netmums have a forum discussing reputable agencies etc.

Neeksx Mon 30-Mar-15 23:25:11

Oh I forgot to report back to you loopymoomoo!

The casting assessment was nice and relaxing, the staff were friendly. She had a quick photo shoot, it lasted about 15mins. Once they took the pictures the photographer choose two photos to send to the agency. No money was paid nor did they ask me to pay anything. He said the agency would call back within the week if they wanted my daughter. I heard back from the agency a week later offering a place on their books. She said I didn't have to accept straight away, they would send out the contract for me to read. If I accept I have to pay a fee of £75 for a year and I would get a copy of the pictures and a password to their website.

I feel quite comfortable with the whole process. At no point have I felt pressured or that they were trying to rip me off. £75 really isn't that much. I'm unsure what we are going to do.

sophia121212 Fri 18-Mar-16 22:45:08

Hi. I'm new to to this so I'm not sure I'm on the right thread page or if this is an old thread

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