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Do you need a land line to have broadband?

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bouncy Sun 25-Apr-04 11:15:24

Anyone know for sure.


Janh Sun 25-Apr-04 11:17:10

Well you can't get it if BT haven't upgraded your local exchange - and you have to live within a certain distance of the exchange - so I would guess yes!

bouncy Sun 25-Apr-04 11:21:43

Just need to know for sure as DP is trying to get hold of someone at work who said they dont have a land-line, but moaning to another person that they had broadband.

Janh Sun 25-Apr-04 11:23:43

Oh - you mean they didn't give a contact number out on the grounds that they don't have one at home? Sneaky....why were they moaning about *having* broadband though? Don't understand.

sexgoddess Sun 25-Apr-04 11:29:11

We've just had broadband installed (Friday) and are with Telewest (cable). They use co-axle cable (aeriel) instead of phone line which apparently makes it quicker!! ?

Janh Sun 25-Apr-04 11:31:23

But BT still have to do something to your exchange connection before you can install broadband?

bouncy Sun 25-Apr-04 11:31:32

They moaned to a friend on DP about it another time.

Janh Sun 25-Apr-04 11:33:28

Yes, but *why* did they moan? Broadband too fast for them?

fuzzywuzzy Sun 25-Apr-04 11:46:51

You don't need a landline for broadband, you need to live in an area where the broadband is supplied though. What they do is pull a seperate cable from underground wherever and fix it to a small box near your computer it has nothing to do with the phone line. There I hope you're err less confused now....

susanmt Sun 25-Apr-04 13:48:46

We're getting microwave broadband in the summer - you can get it through a sattelite connection as well. THis tends to be in remote rural areas like us, though.

Hulababy Sun 25-Apr-04 20:37:48

My broadband is through fibre optics, so not linked to a land line at all.

SenoraPostrophe Sun 25-Apr-04 20:44:27

You can have mobile-phone broadband, but it's expensive and a bit rubbish. Apparently the new version is better, but it's still expensive. Sattelite also is outrageously expensive.

Otherwise you do need a cable or BT line, but I guess whether or not you actually use it to make calls is your business - fuzzywuzzy, do people really do that? Surely you have to pay the line renatl anyway?

sexgoddess Sun 25-Apr-04 21:41:05

Oooh you're posh Hula

grumpyzebra Sun 25-Apr-04 21:48:40

DH says that no way would he have microwave broadband... too much radiation. And he really isn't normally worried about that kind of thing.

lolliepops Sun 25-Apr-04 21:49:42

you would still have to pay the line rental if you used the line or not. sattelite bb is very expensive and goes off if you get bad weather! for bb to be available you need to live within 6km of your local exchange and it needs to have been upgraded. you can check if its available if you go to and it does a test on your line

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