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For F****s sake

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carla Sat 24-Apr-04 19:08:29

DH has just walked in, said 'Is that really all you do all day'. No, it bloodywell isn't. Can I convince him of that? This is MY time, why can't he understand that????

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 19:11:36

Really do nothing but mumsnet all day and see if he notices the difference.

froot Sat 24-Apr-04 19:12:29

message withdrawn

froot Sat 24-Apr-04 19:13:50

message withdrawn

papillon Sat 24-Apr-04 19:16:13

if you want to compare your name to mine under *Search current messages* and show how little you have been on compared me - you are most welcome!!
You have been here a couple of months more than me and I am much more lazy, compulsive disorderly than you supposedly are.

sobernow Sat 24-Apr-04 19:16:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carla Sat 24-Apr-04 19:19:52

Have just poured myself a glass of wine and I love you all

Janstar Sat 24-Apr-04 19:21:27

Perfect, sobernow. Once would be enough, I think

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