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10th Wedding Anniversary

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bluesky Sat 24-Apr-04 18:58:17

Calling all creative and ingenious people!

What on earth can I get for this year's Anniversary present for dh. It's TIN!

sobernow Sat 24-Apr-04 19:13:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

susanmt Sat 24-Apr-04 20:11:42

Tin of beans lol

It's our 10th anniversary in December, so I still have a while to think about it, just as well really!

mummysurfer Sat 24-Apr-04 20:26:09

our 10th anniversary is in august so i'll watch this acrefully

popsycal Sat 24-Apr-04 20:27:09

tin tin book....
very cheesy sorry

gingernut Sat 24-Apr-04 20:42:05

Our 10th anniversary is in October. Tin Tin books....that'll probably appeal to dh's SOH!

bluesky Sat 24-Apr-04 21:53:23

Thanks guys, I can never get myself past the image of a tin of baked beans!

Had seen that it is a big Tin Tins anniversary this year too. Probably something linked with that somewhere.

A tin toy of 'something relevant to something' would be an idea, but not sure where to start looking, anyone know any websites?

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