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Evita...message for you

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israel Sat 24-Apr-04 13:53:54

Evita..I just wanted to say you sound a lovely person...I have found that I am drawn to the same kind of threads as yourself...and have very similar thoughts usually on the subject matter.
Are you an art teacher too?
Just found out today that melsy is a designer.
Please forgive me but I get mixed up with peoples families and home...I've just asked my dd to buy me a small book, from town, so as I can write a few things down about everyone so they wont be offended if I can't remember things they have already told me....Ill put it down to my age 44!!!
Are you a stop at home mum?..I am...two children ds3 and dd12
I am based in the North West...where are you?
Well Ill leave it there you may not see this so there is no point going on!!!

papillon Sat 24-Apr-04 14:20:26

I think Evita is a lovely person too.
And Evita I do hope that all is well with your dd

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