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Advice needed about DH job Post office/ Royal Mail

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lars Fri 23-Apr-04 17:37:26

Just needed some advice really on DH job.
He has been working for post office/ Royal mail for 18 years . DH came home from work to say that he will have to apply for his own job which dh has been doing for the last 15 years- what a joke! They are changing his job title and grade, which means he is not at that grade and will have to apply for the postioin along with other staff who are interested. They are doing this across the board. They are saying the job he has been doing is a manager's grade and not a deputy manager's post. This means dh job will change status old job no longer will be there.
DH is worried what if he don't get the job. Which does happen in the PO/ royal mail and he has been told that there is a chance that he may not get the job. They said that he should do the job now for three month and then apply for the postion. Where does he stand?
BTW union is aware of the changes that are happening.
We of course are worried he will be made redundant or there is a chance he may get down graded and go back to being a clerk. Rather awkward after being at a higher postion. larsxx

Nutcracker Fri 23-Apr-04 18:08:55

Well i would be disgusting if they don'[t give it him, or downgrade him.
My brother is a postman and i will be seeing him tommorow, i will ask him if he knows what could happen or how he can stop it.

Chinchilla Fri 23-Apr-04 20:23:08

Sorry, but my sis just lost her managerial role. There were 9 jobs for 19 people. The only job she was eligible to apply for was a higher grade than hers, and she didn't have the relevant skills for it. I'm sure that your dh stands a better chance at getting a job than her though, because he has been doing it for ages. Good luck to your dh!

deegward Fri 23-Apr-04 22:29:42

The main thrust of this is that your dh position has been made redundant, (not your dh). They will be changing pay scales, everything. The easiest way to do this as an employer is to make the positions redundant and to go through a selection criteria for the people to apply for the 'new' positions.

I used to be an HR Manager, so have done this several times, and have some notes which I have put together which may help your dh. Please e mail me if you want me to pass them on to you. It got all general advice, I have passed it on to several people I know going through this.

As it is unionised you can take some comfort that the union must be happy with the process, or they would not allow it to take place. Hope this helps.

tammybear Fri 23-Apr-04 22:36:30

iv asked my bf to ask his dad as hes been working in royal mail for same amount of years, to see if he knows nething. but it does sound pretty unfair, they shud at least offer him a job with the same pay etc cos its not his fault. or at least thats wot i think

littlemissbossy Fri 23-Apr-04 22:57:11

Lars, so sorry for you and your husband, this appears to be happening all the time ... large companies restructuring etc. First I would advise give union big kick up the arse - find out who your dh union rep is name, address, phone no etc., and get them on the case. Second, I would seek legal advice - citizens advice as a first point of contact as they are free - solicitors generally charge approx. £150 p.h. and you could potentially be wasting your money anyway. I have a relative who is in Human Resources, I will ask him if there is anything more you can do, although I doubt it at this stage, your dh will probably have to reapply for his job (which is s**t) sorry

lars Sat 24-Apr-04 07:50:26

Thanks for all your postings.
Deegward will be in touch i'm sure this information will be useful to dh. larsxx

deegward Sun 25-Apr-04 15:20:51

Lars, hav e mailed you the info I have, hope that it helps. Thinking of you

postie Sun 25-Apr-04 22:34:49

Hi Lars, I worked for the PO for 10 years. I had to reapply for my job after only 3 months in the company! This happened to me several times, including like your dh, when the job I was doing got upgraded and they didn't want to give me more money for doing it. There were no other applicants but they still wanted me to go for an interview! I told them no and complained very loudly, so they gave me the job anyway. The PO will always be like that I think, especially at the moment, as it seems to be restructuring constantly to cut costs etc. Personally I have had enough and got out.

I sympathise with your dh. He needs to really fight and point out to HR how unfair it is. There is something called "organic growth" in the PO, which is where you prove that you have grown with the job, so are entitled to get it even if upgraded. I used that argument.

Good luck!

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