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Lost toys

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Pixel Mon 23-Oct-06 20:26:21

I've seen a few messages on here in the past from people desperate to replace favourite toys that have been lost. I saw this today and thought it might be useful to someone.

mummyscaryhouseonthehill Tue 24-Oct-06 10:00:12

Ohh bless what a lovely Idea

hjw1 Sat 06-Dec-08 17:03:46

my son has lost his favourite soft toy lion- had for 8 years. picture on my page- any idea where we can replace it PLEASE

Majeika Sat 06-Dec-08 17:04:39

no picture..................

thenewme Sat 06-Dec-08 17:05:06

Link doesn't work.

We have something similar on here too.

hjw1 Sat 06-Dec-08 17:21:53

link should work now- if anyone recognises the make that would be helpful we think it was jellycat

lostrabbit Tue 18-Aug-09 20:05:11

We have lost our daughters tresured flopsy rabbit toy in France. My daughter had her for 6years and she went to hospital with her when she had bad asthma etc, what shall I do?

TheChilliMooseTalksNonsense Tue 18-Aug-09 20:13:25

In the classified section on MN (click on topics at the top) there is a toys reunited section. You can upload a photo there too, I think.

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