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Sometimes I am so ashamed to be English

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ks Fri 23-Apr-04 10:14:43

Message withdrawn

Frenchgirl Fri 23-Apr-04 10:16:25

ks will you marry me?????

ks Fri 23-Apr-04 10:17:47

Message withdrawn

sykes Fri 23-Apr-04 10:20:09

Frenchgirl, what's that saying in France about how a woman has to choose between her arse and her face when she gets to a certain age. I can't for the life of me remember it. I lived in Nancy for a while - not that that's got anything to do with it. And it wasn't mentioned to me all those years ago - might be rather appropriate now though.

Frenchgirl Fri 23-Apr-04 10:24:16

sykes, I have no idea!!! Maybe it's only valid in the north of France as women from the south of France keep their looks for longer???

sykes Fri 23-Apr-04 10:25:03

Are you from the south of France by any chance?

Frenchgirl Fri 23-Apr-04 10:26:18

ks, we have a french market in bristol a couple of times a year, some of it is really nice, some of it is overpriced rubbish, but I find that english people usually act like you, try a bit of french and are perfectly nice, so that pr*t from this morning must be the exception (I am an optimist...)

Frenchgirl Fri 23-Apr-04 10:27:06

how did you guess
but: it might be better for me not to keep my looks (might improve that way!)

Davros Fri 23-Apr-04 11:09:00

ks, I think the title of your thread is a bit of an extreme reaction to the old git! Give us some credit, there's people like this everywhere, even France! I don't understand the fashion for English self-hatred and its one of my hobby horses so watch out you froggy-loving #+*%!!! (honest!)

Twinkie Fri 23-Apr-04 11:18:36


Every nation has racists and bigots and tarring the wholoe nation actually is very counter productive!!

Marina Fri 23-Apr-04 11:18:46

I hope he was an exception too, ks, how lucky you are to have had a French market on. They don't even dare come round our way...Qu'est-ce que tu as achete?
Sykes, that sounds Parisian...

sykes Fri 23-Apr-04 11:20:34

Think you might be right, Marina.

ZolaPola Fri 23-Apr-04 11:22:12

often felt embarrassed when I lived in spain - lager louts etc and even worse, attitude of some English-speakers(Americans too) why bother learning Spanish as everyone does or should speak English?!! Really admired Spanish pride in their own culture, food, wine, general quality of life - less focus on getting p*ssed, more on meeting up for a good time witih friends. Along with that though seemed to go more narrow-minded attitude than we have over here - harder to be an independent spirit over there due to family pressures etc

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 11:23:16

The English can be awful, but then so can most other nationalities. I remember being in a restaurant in Sri Lanka and this huge fat bloke walked in in shorts and no t-shirt and dh and I looked at each other and said "English". Sure enough he was, and he proceeded to eat his meal with no shirt on. What a pig.

Blu Fri 23-Apr-04 11:23:26

Sykes: my parisian colleague doesn't recognise your saying but has come up with the following:
"Les femmes ressemblent aux girouettes, elles se fixent quand elles se rouillent." Women are like weather vane, when they stop they go rusty"

"Certaines femmes, ne deviennent spirituelles qu'en vieillissant; on dirait qu'alors elles travaillent a se faire écouter pour empêcher qu'on les regarde." Some women become spiritual-intelligent only when they grow older. It is as if they try hard to have people listen to them to stop looking at them...(not really good translation!)

"Il n'est si belle rose qui ne se flétrisse" The fairest rose at last is withered...

Jaxmum Fri 23-Apr-04 11:35:49

Agree, The English can be awful but I think most nationalities have their annoying traits. May I ask if any of the French market traders corrected you on your language imperfections?

Frenchgirl Fri 23-Apr-04 11:39:33

well, I am pretty annoying most of the time: I hate marmite (feel betrayed that dd loves it), can't cook a 'proper' sunday lunch, have cheese before sweet pudding, have strong coffee, feel more french here than I ever did in France, and feel like am not proper french woman when am in france.
But: I have learnt how to nake a good cup of tea and delicious scones!!!

Twinkie Fri 23-Apr-04 11:43:19

Ha ha - its funny national pride is celebrated in lots of countries but frowned on here - it makes me sad to see people saying stuff like this - maybe if we had a bit more pride in our nation we would not be seen to be a nation of lager louts and bigots!!

There is a french market in Bromley Marina - quite regularly.

sykes Fri 23-Apr-04 11:57:45

Thanks, Blu, will phone my friend and see if she knows. I'm getting obsessive about it.

Twinkie Fri 23-Apr-04 11:59:10

Been thinking about this and i actually think the title is racist!!

If people had said things like this and said african or indian there would have been uproar!!

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 11:59:18

I'm sorry Twinkie but we are quite often Lager Louts and Bigots

You just have to look at these holiday uncovered programmes to see it. Very embarrassing.

I personally am a lager lout in fact
but not a bigot

CountessDracula Fri 23-Apr-04 11:59:59

Being English has nothing to do with your race
It's your nationality

Marina Fri 23-Apr-04 12:03:21

Thanks Twinkie, I didn't know. Weekdays or weekends?

Twinkie Fri 23-Apr-04 12:03:44

Ok being nationalist - think about it if someone said - aren't you ashamed to be indian??

Davros Fri 23-Apr-04 12:04:28

OK, if racist is the wrong word then prejudiced. But I think the word racism is used for more than just race in general use and is often applied to nationality.

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