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Do you have a routine during the day and will you share it with me?

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madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:14:32

a few months ago there was a brilliant thread on what people's routines are of an evening, and it gave me some ideas for entertaining ds, getting dinner prepared, bathing, and bedding etc not to mention washing, talking to dh etc etc. i have just gone from working full time to going on maternity leave (and a SAHM for probably a year or 2 certainly) and i was wondering if i could pick your brains on what you get up to during the day, and how you fill your time with your kid(s) and/or a new baby..... it's being in the house that i am finding most challenging, i keep feeling as if i should be doing structured activities but aside from jigsaws/play dough/reading/painting i've run out of ideas. thanks..........

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:15:04

age ad number of kids please?
and preferred bed times?

Beccarollover Thu 22-Apr-04 21:16:07

Coddy is queen of routines

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:17:36

.. but not to the exclusion of life Imo

Beccarollover Thu 22-Apr-04 21:17:49

Routine has helped me millions - literally its as simple as the days i structure things are good the days i let it all just happen tend to be chaos

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:18:40

and you dont clean your house

scrub dear donttickle

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:19:07

mad girl where have you ferreted off to?

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:21:03

I am off to bed mad girl
will powt tommorow

If i can sort out Br thent heres hope for anyone

melsy Thu 22-Apr-04 21:21:44

hello coddy !!

Hu becca havent "spoken" in a while. remember the EASY days !!

I went nutty over my routine , but I think dd loves it.

Beccarollover Thu 22-Apr-04 21:22:21

lol Hey hey hey hey hey!!!

I DO clean my house these days hehe

I also make a MEAN tomato pasta sauce

Beccarollover Thu 22-Apr-04 21:23:31

Melsy - do you still follow a routine with DD? I moved over to a more GF way with DS since weaning but now its neither EASY or GF but a structured routine mix of the two

mummysurfer Thu 22-Apr-04 21:24:21

my routine isn't to be recommended...
get dd and dd off to school,
come on MN on and off all day, do bugger all else,
pick kids up


melsy Thu 22-Apr-04 21:25:59

I dont know really, coudlnt bare to read any of them anymore, due to my little mental episode!!! I kind do GF & TH like you, but just by coincidence that it went that way.

madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:26:11

ok, ds was 3 in feb. ds/dd due in july- i'm already fretting ! ds is already going a bit psycho about new baby, and it hasn't yet made an appearance. ds goes for a bath at 6:45 / 7 and is in bed by around 7:45/8 he gets up between 6 and 7

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:27:45

dses bed time coulfd be earlier?

does he go to nirsery or playgoup?

madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:27:56

sorry was looking on ebay for buggy board, am all ears, speak tomorrow i hope.

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:28:08

what does he do between bath and bed?

Imo one shuld lead to another

madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:29:28

ooh you're still up. yes think i could bring bed time forward a bit , reason it has been pushed back a bit because we weren't seeing anything of him during the week cos both working. he will be at nursery wed-fri from 9:30- 4:30

melsy Thu 22-Apr-04 21:29:41

Im not sure im gonna help much as dd is only 7mths madgirl. Do you take him to a gym/music grp or is that horrendous in your condition??!. Have you bought all stuff for next baby, could he help you choose things to make him feel connected to baby??

madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:30:15

bath takes about 1/2 hour then we usually read for about 20mins d/stairs before going to bed

madgirl Thu 22-Apr-04 21:31:19

mnelsy- you're kayleigh's mate aren't you? that is a good idea, but would it work with a baby in tow as well?

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:32:35

this is me when we have a day off
up as dresesed and kitchen sorted by 9

have that as a deadline or else it wil drag on...

out for a minor errand or a morning tip to shop sor to post a letter (in early postnatal days) or get a paper or go to nursery/ playgoup

back fro a 10- 10 30 coffeee break and snack(*unless out and abut)

tv for 30 mins for ds whislt u put washing on or out or tidy

cleaning (one room a day). play something

Lunch,then tv for ds for a short while and you have sanity break.

afternoon go out for walk /park

tea at 4.40 till 5 then he plays (newly rgenerated by food) till 6 when you do bath and bed

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:33:05

stay upstairs after bath

Gem13 Thu 22-Apr-04 21:33:28

madgirl can I hijack this thread and pick codswallops brains too please?

codswallop - I have a friend who, when we were at school, used to do everyone's revision timetables for them and loved it. I'm guessing you might be like her and 'do' routines for others but feel free to ignore me if I'm being cheeky. (But please don't - I need a routine!)

Mine are 21 month DS and 10 week DD. Both in washable nappies (so washing a big part of the day - loading, tumble drying, etc.) and DD is breastfed (but not at that straight on/off stage yet).

Everyone up between 7/7.30.

DS in bed by 7.30 (usually has 3 hour nap in the afternoon - big sleeper) but DD in bed at 9 and waking twice in the night and likes being held...

We usually only bath one child a night as DD yells and DS splashes and the stress level rises.

I already don't 'do' cleaning.

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 21:33:35

tea 4 30 i meant

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