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A bit personal but......

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tammybear Thu 22-Apr-04 19:33:29

How old are the other mums on here? I feel like I must be the youngest one on here!!

emmatmg Thu 22-Apr-04 19:38:02

31 in june.

I think spring chicken holds the youngest mumsnetter crown, she 19 IIRC.

tammybear Thu 22-Apr-04 19:40:45

lol im 19, 20 in july (i just say im 20 now just to make myself sound older)

emmatmg Thu 22-Apr-04 19:43:06

oh, I'll let you fight it out then for the crown, mind you she is PG so doubt she'd be up for fisty-cuffs

maisystar Thu 22-Apr-04 19:46:59

<whispers> 26 yesterday. today when picking up ds from pre school a little boy asked if i was the mummy of the man standing next to me (who was at least 60)

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 19:48:03

Is it personal to ask age?

we were talking bout hte 80s at playgroup and I asked another mum how old she was and she was mildly snotty

spacemonkey Thu 22-Apr-04 19:48:59


Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 19:49:28

pph looks good for 42

fairyfly Thu 22-Apr-04 19:50:07

Still in my twenties, still in my twenties........

tammybear Thu 22-Apr-04 19:50:32

happy birthday maisystar; codswallop yea it is but i thought id ask lol

kiwisbird Thu 22-Apr-04 19:52:18


whymummy Thu 22-Apr-04 19:53:46

36,feel a lot older after ds asked me today where did i hid as a child when the romans were fighting

Kayleigh Thu 22-Apr-04 19:59:48

oh whymummy, cruel, but cute

I'm 41 outside but 21 inside.

noddy5 Thu 22-Apr-04 20:01:22


Tommy Thu 22-Apr-04 20:21:24

I was in a shop with DS1 and a little girl asked me if he was my grandson...I was 35

(I'm 36 now!)

hercules Thu 22-Apr-04 20:22:37

29, 30 in July.

Skara Thu 22-Apr-04 20:24:44

31. Brain stuck at 27 though, keep catching myself in mirrors and thinking 'who is that wrinkly-eyed person?'

highlander Thu 22-Apr-04 20:25:11

When sprog drops, I will be 36 and 1 month!

Big Up to the older mums!

Angeliz Thu 22-Apr-04 20:26:01

i'm 30

(I don't beleive it though, think i'm confused about dates!!!!!)

Codswallop Thu 22-Apr-04 20:31:26


No i dont think it is at all!
i was asking everyone else

mummytojames Thu 22-Apr-04 20:32:47

im 24 so i must be near the youngest

Chandra Thu 22-Apr-04 20:35:07

Skara I'm 33 and still can't see any wrinkle (I should get a better lamp I guess )

emmatmg Thu 22-Apr-04 20:37:41

I don't think it's personal but I tend to judge the person i'm talking to before asking. You can normally tell if someone's going to be abit shitty about answering.

MadameButterfly Thu 22-Apr-04 20:39:35

I am 33, will be 34 in July.

hana Thu 22-Apr-04 20:40:56

34....think thats just above the average.....
was a thread about this a while back I

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