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Considering moving to Brighton - advice needed

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ks Fri 12-Apr-02 03:22:21

Message withdrawn

debster Sat 13-Apr-02 19:23:02

I live in the Hanover area of Brighton which is supposed to be alright in a New Labour kind of way. If you know anything about the attitude in the Stoke Newington/Islington area of London then I'd say it's similar!

It's about a 20 min walk to the station, although there is a hill to walk up on the way home! Decent schools in the area are Elm Grove Primary and St Lukes Infant and Junior Schools. Another so-called 'good' school is Balfour Infants and Junior School (Five Ways). The problem Brighton has is with secondary schools. All the decent ones are either in North Brighton (Five Ways) or in the Hove area. There aren't any near where we live.

I really like the location of our house as we are close to schools but also only about a 30 min walk to town, the sea-side etc. However, we have been amazed at what we could get for the same price in other areas. At the moment we live in quite a small to medium sized Victorian terrace with no front garden, through lounge/diner, small kitchen, 3 bedrooms, ground floor bathroom and a narrow 30ft rear garden which is probably worth around £175 -180,000. If we lived in Portslade or Shoreham (a bit further West out of Brighton) we'd definitely be looking at a semi-detached property with a larger garden and probably a garage. Ho hum.

Anyway, HTH. Any more questions just ask away!

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