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daireylea triangles

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yamamoto Thu 22-Apr-04 13:13:22

An irrelevance I know but one of my favourite lunches is a packet of crisps and 6 daireylea triangles.. BUT my last three packets of triangles have been so soft that it is impossible to pull the rip cord thingy and extract the triangle in one, a must for complete satisfaction. Has anyone else experenced this.. Has KRAFT changed the recipe? Whats the answer..?

Kayleigh Thu 22-Apr-04 13:23:42

Not sure as don't buy dairylea triangles. I always buy the Laughing Cow ones which can definitely be eaten in the way you describe

Maybe a change of brand is called for.

muddaofsuburbia Thu 22-Apr-04 13:24:58

A cooler cool box?

lou33 Thu 22-Apr-04 13:25:30

We buy Laughing Cow too. The kids prefer LC to Dairylea.

yamamoto Thu 22-Apr-04 13:36:13

got fridge so cold that milk has frozen! Goodbye dairylee, hallo LC. Can now resume my healthy snacks, Thankyou!

bea Thu 22-Apr-04 14:04:27

i love the laughug cow triangles as does dd but i worry over the actual 'cheese' content... are they as bad as the cheese straw crap and slices (which i am led to believe are the equivalent of drinking sunny delight as opposed to a fresh orange juice!) or are they actually quite nutritionally good?

ta! sorry for being a bit of a healthy fiend!

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