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think I've had an obe, but not sure?

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baldrick Wed 21-Apr-04 21:52:05

was lying in bed this morning and dozed off, just before about to get up. I was dreaming but was aware of this (lucid dreaming I think), decided to lift myself from bed position to higher,( btw could see the bed from my position) it was not difficult, then for some reason I got scared of going too high...couldn't move and had to force myself to wake up...have had this a couple of times in the last month...wondered if anyone shares anything similar here.. an outer body experience in case you weren't sure.

bunny2 Wed 21-Apr-04 21:53:28

I thought you'd got an honour from the Queen.

Now your post has spooked me, dh is out and I am easily scared.

hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 21:54:35

I thought the same as you bunny2. Think you'd remember that though!

baldrick Wed 21-Apr-04 21:56:06

oh sorry, didn't mean to scare anyone at all, it's just that do have very vivid dreams, have heard of obe and have been trying to do it for a while...btw...I think it often happens whilst we are asleep, but we are not awake in dream (according to some books)

crystaltips Wed 21-Apr-04 21:56:43

I was about to curtsey !!

I'm having an OBE at the moment ... p'raps it's the wine

bunny2 Wed 21-Apr-04 21:56:54

Dont worry Baldrick, Im over it! Hope you get some more helpful replies

coppertop Wed 21-Apr-04 21:57:02

I thought someone had been suffering from amnesia and couldn't remember if they'd been invited to meet Queen Liz at the palace.

SoupDragon Wed 21-Apr-04 21:57:34

I thought you'd made the honours list too

Rather freakily, I think I had this once about 12 years ago. Weird feeling. Do you ever have dreams of flying and when you wake up you can feel yourself sinking back into the bed? That's kind of freaky too! I've no had those for a while either.

<<slinks off all embarrassed>>

CountessDracula Wed 21-Apr-04 21:58:16

I think it's an Out of body experience actually

Kayleigh Wed 21-Apr-04 21:59:33

I do believe you're right Countess

CountessDracula Wed 21-Apr-04 22:07:04

Baldrick maybe it's because you never take a bath and that nasty Blackadder is always hassling you. Stick some pencils up your nose, should do the trick

Kayleigh Wed 21-Apr-04 22:08:04


hercules Wed 21-Apr-04 22:08:14

Try and think of a cunning plan.

baldrick Wed 21-Apr-04 22:13:06

lol, if you had one you would want to talk about it, really!

stupidgirl Wed 21-Apr-04 22:16:27

Cool. You know they say that if you have a dream where you're falling and if you land it means you're dead???

baldrick Wed 21-Apr-04 22:25:16

didn't fall, just tried to pull self down..and btw, for a few seconds I can't open my mouth, it's almost like have lost ability to open mouth and someone is holding me down...just got a bit scared that's all, especially as it happened less than a month ago (ie. have to shake myself to move, otherwise can't)

sobernow Thu 22-Apr-04 11:32:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinosaur Thu 22-Apr-04 11:33:18

Nice one Sobernow! How far is the walk into town and back?

hercules Thu 22-Apr-04 11:34:24


GreySquirrel Thu 22-Apr-04 11:34:41

i was thinking oil, bath and enema that old midwife trick, but i think you would know it if you had one of those!

but does sound spooky, have you been stressed out recently?

baldrick Thu 22-Apr-04 16:23:52

not really GreySquirrel (what a looovely name, btw are you new to mumsnet), just seem to have so muxh going on, you know family, work, and never seem to know when should do things for self, rather than other people all the time...a typical mum...common mum guilt thing, bet a lot of mumsnetters feel guity about doing things for themselves, that's all it is I guess. Thanks

SEXGODDESS Thu 22-Apr-04 18:51:52

My mum who used to be a nurse and worked shifts used to have something I think she called "sleep paralysis" which was basically when your body gets too tired for your mind so even though your body is asleep your mind is alert. Another pal who is a nurse also had one or two of these.... happens to people who do shifts apparently.. HTH

essbee Thu 22-Apr-04 18:57:07

Message withdrawn

baldrick Thu 22-Apr-04 18:57:40

oh thanks SEXGODDESS, don't do shifts, but have an active, on your feet all day job, and don't sit down for long. Maybe it's that

GreySquirrel Thu 22-Apr-04 21:23:34

Can sympathise with having a lot on, I guess that goes with being a mum! And yes too on the guilt thing, I know what you mean, if you are at home and stressed out you feel bad for not having infinite patience and if you go to work (for a break!) you feel bad about that too... There is always something to feel guilty about but i am sure you are not really to blame for any of it. I hope you get a break soon anyway.

Yes am fairly new to mn but do lurk a bit too, find some great advice here but often only get to go online for short bursts I think the name was from trigger happy tv, the goose flies north at sunset etc.

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