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Help for my brother

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sum41sbombette Wed 21-Apr-04 20:19:17

Does anyone know of any drama schools around Hertfordshire? My brother wants to go to one, but I don't know of any round here. Can anyone help?

Beetroot Wed 21-Apr-04 20:37:14

Message withdrawn

sum41sbombette Wed 21-Apr-04 20:44:20

almost 18, hes just doing his a levels.

Marina Thu 22-Apr-04 13:54:45

Isn't Arts Educational in Tring? Not sure if that is the one that does post-18 courses though.
Sum, most of the good ones are in big cities...London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow.

Beetroot Thu 22-Apr-04 13:58:17

Message withdrawn

Beetroot Thu 22-Apr-04 14:02:24

Message withdrawn

sum41sbombette Thu 22-Apr-04 19:18:11

Yea he wants to be an actor, Thanks, Ill tell him to have a look at London ones.

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