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Should we move to Harpenden or stay put?

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Imnotwonderwoman Wed 28-Jan-15 10:37:53

We live in a lovely part of the Cotswolds but DH is unsatisfied in his job. A potential role has come up in Herts, and we lived in that part of the world before so are thinking maybe we could live in Harpenden. Our quality of life here is wonderful but the ongoing job issue for DH is so major that we may have to make sacrifices as a family.

He would get a payrise, maybe quite substantial but we are aware cost of living is higher in Herts being closer to London. Our childcare costs for example atm are £40 per day including lunch (8.15am -5.15pm). I believe that costs could be more in Harpenden. We also rent a four bed here for £1800 and looking briefly on Rightmove it seems this would be unrealisitic in Harpenden.

We have a DD who is 3.5yrs and a DS who is 20months. I have no idea about primary schools so if anyone has advice on best areas to live within Harpenden that would be great. I have briefly looked at the ofsted reports and all of them seem good!

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