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Anyone know the law on marriage and divorce etc?

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Hunnybe Mon 12-Jan-15 09:27:48

This is about my DB really and its more interest now than anything else.

DB got married to a lady. Later they divorced.

DB has now found out that lady had been married before. He does not know if she was divorced before he married her and doesnt know how to find out. He does knowshe married the man who succeeded him and has since left that man and gone out of the country with another.

Said lady told lies on her marriage forms. She lied about her age, her name and her marital staus ( she said she was single). My DB was single.

After a couple of years married to my DB she found another man and went off.

She then claimed she was separated for two years ( when it was only a year) to get her divorce. My DB did not contest this as he was devistated (being homeless as she took all his money and the house).

DB now wants to marry again. However, having found out about the previous issues above, he wonders

a) was he ever actually married?
b) Is his divorce legal?

Sounds a bit silly to go and ask a solicitor ( and he would rather just forget this lady anyway) but he also wants his new marriage to be legal.

Anyone know the law?

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