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Washing machines - quick please!

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carla Tue 20-Apr-04 10:43:27

What's the score with call out charges/ £5 per 15 min charge if they can't actually repair it? He's about 80 and our wm's quite new, so don't think it's unrepairable, I just don't think he knows what to do?

BlossomPetal Thu 22-Apr-04 22:51:49

Hope the Bosch is in fine working order. Glad you ditched that old one for something a bit more upmarket

bossykate Thu 22-Apr-04 22:54:06

are you in london, carla? we have a brilliant guy that i can recommend - he doesn't charge exorbitantly anyway. we know him so well because we had a zanussi until the other day. enough said, never, never again!

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