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caz12422 Sun 11-Jan-15 01:45:47

So today i got some much need time with an old school friend, my plans where to spend time with her and her kids and then go to my mothers at 2! So i arrive at my friend's at 11 and go out. I totally forget about the time and my mum calls me! She is really fine with it and we arrange to see each other tomorrow. When i get home i phone her and shes really angry! I said sorry and tried to explain but she cuts me off and hangs up on me. It really hurts as we are very close. So next thing i get a text saying how im a bad daughter and that she's disappointed in me. I have ignored it as it hurts. Ive always been there for her. I stuck by her when she got divorced and have been good. What do i do now? Wait till she comes to me? Ignore her for a few days? Or phone and apologise?

quietlysuggests Sun 11-Jan-15 01:52:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

caz12422 Sun 11-Jan-15 01:57:31

Hmm thats what i was thinking. Im just in shock because shes turned really nasty and its totally out the blue

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