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Have you had tax credits this tax year yet?

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Beccarollover Mon 19-Apr-04 20:29:58

I havent had anything since the end of the tax year but a friend has - how does it work?

Has anyone had anything since April 6th?

grumpyzebra Mon 19-Apr-04 20:41:34

The word on UKP was that Inland Revenue aren't going to revise anybody's payments until June, but now I'm not sure if I believe that... DH swears we've had something like £40 since 6 April, I kind of hope not since we were only supposed to get £3/month from them according to the last reassessment... What a mess!

tallulah Mon 19-Apr-04 20:59:47

You are supposed to get a provisional award based on last year's, until you've had the renewal forms through. (The transitional period lasts till September). There was a problem with payments to some people for the 6th & 13th April. (Don't know why). (I've had mine for both weeks-sorry!)

Beccarollover Mon 19-Apr-04 21:01:59

I havent had any - wonder if I should ring up

Linnet Mon 19-Apr-04 21:25:14

I had two payments go in on the 6th of April, both payments add up to the usual weekly payment. Not sure why they've split it into two lots but at least it's gone in. However nothing has been paid in since. Will have to keep an eye on it.

We got a letter a couple of months ago saying that the payments would continue as usual until they sent the new forms through. But our circumstances will change in a few weeks time anyway when the new baby arrives, so that will affect our payments.

Nutcracker Mon 19-Apr-04 21:27:53

We get WFTC and CTC the latter of which is usually 95 pounds a week. Without any notice or anything it has suddenly dropped to 91 pounds a week. Not alot i know, but our income hasn't changed so i don't know whats happened.

Linnet Mon 19-Apr-04 21:47:31

We also get both the WTFC and CTC, one of them gets paid through my dh wages. Can't remember which one it is though, but there lies another problem... as of the beginning of April Dh's wages changed from getting paid weekly to fortnightly, he hasn't been paid properly since the beginning of April and I haven't checked his payslip so I have no idea if it's been paid properly through his wages, Hmm beter go check his payslip.

Should I phone them up and tell them that Dh's wages have changed form weekly to fortnightly, is that something I need to notify them of? Only just thought about that, what do you all think?

Linnet Tue 20-Apr-04 21:48:15

DH brought home his payslip last night and I checked it this morning and there is no payment on it,Gggrrr this means I'm going to have to phone them to find out what's happening now

Nutcracker Wed 21-Apr-04 18:27:48

I have recieved my renewal forms today.
Is it easier to do it online though ??

Soxwasher Wed 21-Apr-04 18:33:46

I have received two payments that add up to about £600 - they did this last year - giving me far too much early in the year and then nothing for 10 months!!! It has come just in time to pay for our holiday though so I'm not complaining!!!!!!!

Linnet Wed 21-Apr-04 19:48:13

We also received our renewels form in the post this morning.

All seems quite straighforward to fill in as nothing much has changed. Need to phone them and mention dh's payment change from weekly to fortnightly. Oh and I need to tell them that they have my dd's surname wrong, very strange.

bluestar Wed 21-Apr-04 20:37:30

Soxwasher, I've also found myself the recipient of much more money than I am sure I should get but hey it's also come at holiday time and car tax/mot time! Will pay back throughout the year like I did last time. Hope the renewal forms come quickly though as I could end up with no payments until next year!

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