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Saree or not saree - that is the question?

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Gumdrop Mon 19-Apr-04 12:07:44

We've been invited to a Hindu wedding. I've checked that it would be OK for the dd's to wear Indian clothes.

When we went out to buy them though, I got utterly carried away by the beautiful sarees, and bought one for me to wear. Now I don't know whether what's OK for little girls, is equally Ok for their aging mum - or whether I'm going to be the worst kind of "wigger".

Anybody got any words of wisdom please?


Twinkie Mon 19-Apr-04 12:13:02

Ooooh wear it - they are the most comfortable things in the world towear and cover all sorts of humps and bumps - if people did not think I was mad I would probably wear one!!

I think they will probably be quite chuffed that you have gone to so much effort too - are you going to do the whole hog indian make up and jewellry and all??

gemilou Mon 19-Apr-04 12:14:49

Hi gumdrop, definately wear it they are really flattering and comfy.

motherinferior Mon 19-Apr-04 12:15:01

Hmmmm. My mother is Indian and is always going on at me to wear a sari, and I refuse because I'm white (nobody ever thinks I'm half Asian) and I think I'd look a prat. More to the point I know I'd trip over my feet and look graceless. I think saris take quite a lot of practice.

But hey, you could practice in the privacy of your own home first?

august24 Mon 19-Apr-04 12:15:56

I am married to an Indian man, and I have to say most Indian's I have come in contact with always like the fact I like to wear Saris. I am not sure thought if they would tell me otherwise! But I would advise that you find someone to help you put it on right, firstly just because it will make you feel more comfortable wearing it right(not having to worry about it falling off) and secondly to insure that you are not showing anything you are not supposed to(my mother-in-law doesn't like for me to show much skin, and most people don't want to see the front part of your blouse)

nikcola Mon 19-Apr-04 12:15:57

wear it ive got a few that i wear not sarees but the ones wuth trouses and a dress on top (i cant spell wot they are called) my dp is asial and my dd wears asian clothes all the time they look so cute!! wear it and send us a pic

collision Mon 19-Apr-04 12:16:06

Wear it! They will be really pleased you made so much effort.

Twinkie.....a sari is just what I need ATM...nothing fits me .....a sari would be perfect.

motherinferior Mon 19-Apr-04 12:16:55

you'll get me wearing one at this rate, think how pleased my mum would be

nikcola Mon 19-Apr-04 12:17:48

motherinferior, what are the clothes called that pakistani girs wear???

motherinferior Mon 19-Apr-04 12:18:26

pyjama kurta or salwar kameez

motherinferior Mon 19-Apr-04 12:19:23

Indian girls wear them too. My cousins tend to wear them rather than saris unless they're dressing up. And very lovely they look too.

nikcola Mon 19-Apr-04 12:22:00

salwar kameez thats the one thank u,thats what me and dd wear

nikcola Mon 19-Apr-04 12:23:30

its amazing how many diffrent suits u can get they are all very pretty. i would love to wear a saree but i dont think i could put it on!!!

Gumdrop Mon 19-Apr-04 12:24:00

Thanks very much - I will wear it and I will practice first! The shop I bought it from got someone to fit it on me, so I have a fairly good idea of what should be tucked in where - I hope.

Another question though - does anyone know if I need an additional scarf to cover my head in the temple? The dd's outfits both come with scarfs, but I didn't think to ask when I was stood in the shop in Bradford - dur!

motherinferior Mon 19-Apr-04 12:26:20

No, drape your sari pallou (sorry, spelled that wrong) over your head.

marialuisa Mon 19-Apr-04 12:27:07

I wore a Shalwar Kameez at my wedding and the lady in the shop thought it was great. My cousins are Hindu and when male cousin married his Dutch gf, she wore a sari, the indian rellies were delighted.

Gumdrop Mon 19-Apr-04 12:27:20

Ps I can't do European make up, so am not likely to do Indian makeup.

I like bracelets anyway, so will definitely be some jewellery, but might stick to my silver ones.

suedonim Mon 19-Apr-04 17:38:54

While we lived in Indonesia I sometimes wore traditional Asian clothes, as did a number of expats. But, sadly, we never measured up to the local women; they were so tiny and graceful and had wonderful colouring to carry it off. Peelie wallie skin and blonde hair on giant size 12's upwards just didn't cut it, lol!

Browbeaten Mon 19-Apr-04 18:03:56

suedonim, love peelie wallie skin - that's what dh calls my skin LOL

tamum Mon 19-Apr-04 18:07:25

Oh, I never knew it was two words, I always thought it was peelywallie!

deegward Mon 19-Apr-04 18:18:50

Just checked in my Scots Dictionary (yes there is one) and is - peelie-wally. Hope this helps. BTW wear the sari.

californiagirl Mon 19-Apr-04 20:07:40

I wore a salwar kameez to be married in (and to be a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding). It was a proper red wedding one, and everybody, Indian and not, who saw it was delighted.

In high school we used to fairly often wear saris for dressy occasions, because one of my friends was half-Indian and had a pile of them; since they fit all of us, we could switch around and dress each other more easily than with fitted outfits. Nobody Indian ever minded, and everybody else already thought we were mad anyway.

grumpyzebra Mon 19-Apr-04 20:27:37

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Mon 19-Apr-04 21:18:35

Haven't read the other responses but yes, wear it! They're terribly flattering (I got married in one) and you'll feel great I reckon. Sorry, I don't know you, you may be very slim and not need flattering clothes!

suedonim Mon 19-Apr-04 21:24:53

THanks for the correct spelling of peelie-wally. I just made the spelling up as I went, cos I didn't have a clue.

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